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I got a flat tyre the other day (ran up the kerb like a dick). The tyre was totally munted beyond repair. Luckily it was pretty worn anyway and next in line for replacement. So I start calling around:

Me: Yeah, hi, I'm looking for a price on 185/60/14's..
Tony's Guy: We guarantee to better any other price. How much did the other guys quote?
Me: $89.00.
Him: We'll do it for $85.00. When do you want to bring it in?
Me: Back the truck up, dude. I'm going to ring round to get the best possible price.
Him: Well, just to make sure, we'll do it for $80.00.
Me: Thanks, bye.

*grin* Dunno why he couldn't just say $80 in the first place. I snapped him out trying to bleed me by $5.00..

[EDIT] OK so they got my number off callerID and called me back to see how I was going.. talk about doing the hard sell! *grin* Are the tyre people struggling for business or something?

Good things about life today: I found $5.00, my certificate arrived, going fishing this afternoon and getting paid for it, and... only a week till Faithless!!

*childish fangirl dance*
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