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So there was a party, and there were lots of men in kilts (Argh! No! Don't sit like that!) and women in corsets. Everyone looked elegant and lovely and Greg's coat really does look like a display case. We should play dressups more often. I met some more lj-ers (hi to Maire and Kate) and got lots of hugs and fuzzies and good buzzes.

Sunday was Head day. Damn that stream is cold. Time for strenuous straining of muscles and now I'm in loads of pain, having made one more move on my V7 project. Only those who climb will really appreciate the thrill of one.more.move. It's a huge one. Honest. According to this table, V7 is getting close to black belt level, so to speak. I'm chuffed, anyway.

This is a panoramic shot of the Head in all its glory. There's a rock in between the two big ones that you can sit on and watch the surf pounding in below. Only yesterday it wasn't pounding, because it was a beautiful still day.

These guys were too cute not to photograph. They were looking for their mum. They must have found her because they were gone when we got back.

A typical Head sunset. I have loads of sunsets from here, all different, all beautiful. This place rocks.

And, starvation looming after an afternoon bouldering, we finally braved stopping in Wainuiomata for food. So:

Queen St Seafoods, Queen St, Wainuiomata

Fish: Nice. Not too much batter.
Chips: Pretty good. Some underdone, most just right.
Cooked in: Oil.
Comment: Pretty good. Will go back, definitely.
Rating: 7.5/10

In case you're wondering, yes, I do eat other things than just fish and chips. I'm particularly partial to spinach. But, I have a mission to find the best fnc in New Zealand, and while my metabolism lets me, why not? And, praise be to multivitamins. ;-)
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