tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Merry Christmas from the future

Some Christmas things:

Pavlova! This is my first pavlova, and I think it's a work of art. Pavlova is a kiwi thing, although apparently Australia claims they invented it, research shows they're lying. Yes, someone actually did research to settle this debate. That's how important it is - or, how little really happens down this end of the world. Anyway, it's traditional to put kiwifruit on it. So there you have it, a kiwi iconic Christmas thing. I'm pleased with myself.

Girly toes! And Dr Wheel's foot! I had a pedicure yesterday with rivet. I've never had a pedicure before and I keep looking at them because they're pretty. I was vaguely weirded out by the idea of someone washing my feet, and I was also hyper aware of the power imbalance that goes along with it. But it was nice and look, girly toes!

Have a fantastic day, you lot. Looks like we're headed for about 26 degrees. I am not complaining.
Tags: great pavlova debate, settled at last
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