tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I get that it's the Brigitte Bardot and all, but.. um..

We have Sea Shepherd in town at the moment. They got in the news a lot in 2010 when their previous boat the Ady Gil was sunk after being rammed by Japanese whaling boat Shonan Maru No 2. They're pretty militant and based on the number of waratah spikes now adorning the outer extremities of the Steve Irwin, they've got even more so in the last couple of years.

Anyway, they have a new boat to replace the Ady Gil, and it's pretty awesome. I would feel pretty powerful on the bridge of this thing. It's docked at Queen's Wharf right now and we went by to have a look. Here is the bow art:

My question: Candidate for EscherGirls, or not?

Also, you all have tieke to thank for saving the world. Yup.
Tags: proportion? perspective? what's that?
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