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Happy break y'all from Future Land where we're nearly on holiday already

Nobody does any work on the last day of work right? Wrong. Since our web administrator is already off on leave and I'm the other one in my team who's not afraid of Wordpress (yeah, I know, wordpress), I get those duties. And one of our stakeholders chose this morning to send through a bunch of stuff that needs putting on the site. So yay! I get to be an admin for the morning. Right now I'm ranting at Adobe because apparently sometime between yesterday's login and today's, something went out of date and the update took forever and then needed a bloody reboot when I had 12 windows open full of stuff.. *gnng*

Can you tell I'm really not into work today? At least, not this kind of bitsy work that's got no teeth but lots of gumming around. I’d much rather be eating marshmallow Santas and refraining from throwing that bloody radio that’s playing Christmas carols out the window like everyone else is.

I’m ready for it. This year’s been a difficult year in my industry and my move from tech writing to research and analysis has coincided with one of the more hair-raising guttings of the education system that the neoliberal ideologues could think up in recent history. Consequently we are juggling Catch 22s in a tight squeeze between a rock and a hard place, all while trying to justify our own existence. I blame Steven Joyce, the archetypal old white man in a suit who never had an original idea ever, tugs his rapidly-receding forelock and puckers his lips at anyone with more power than him, and has thus managed to become the Minister Of Everything.

I doubt if anyone in my industry would be too upset if Mr Joyce were abducted by aliens over the break. Or even if he did himself a major damage trying to do Gangnam style in a pathetic attempt to pretend he’s like the rest of us plebs. Yes, that’s our Prime Minister in that video, and New Zealand is collectively trying to crawl under its desk in shame for our embarrassing politicians.

Some people seem to think John Key is an idiot buffoon who isn’t smart enough to run the country. I beg to differ. I think he’s extremely clever and very good at playing the idiot buffoon to manipulate the population into thinking he’s just an ordinary bloke, while he (not so) quietly goes about setting up the economy to serve his own best interests and devil take the hindmost. I don’t even think he’s blind to the structural advantages that put him where he is – you know, the ones he’s trying to make sure the rest of us don’t get. He knows full well – but the dude got rich as a Forex trader.

What that means is that he is totally ok with manipulating the exchange rates of countries – which as you know has the ability to seriously affect economies through its impact on importing and exporting and thus primary industry – in order to line his own pocket. Never mind the people impacted by that manipulation, and how they feed their families. In my opinion Forex traders are the scum of the earth and now we have one as Prime Minister.

So when I see that buffoon being crap at Gangnam style in that video, I don’t think “Hey, he’s not afraid to make a fool of himself, he must be ok”, I think “That guy is a snake and he’s trying to manipulate us again.” He’s been losing popularity lately, and in my opinion he’s unlikely to survive the next election. What better time to pretend to be a normal bloke?

As someone said the other day, used to be all he had to do was smile and wave, now he has to do Gangnam style. Says a lot really.


Well, that went somewhere unexpected.

Anyway, my blog might get a bit sporadic over the next little while – I’m much less reliable when I’m not at work because I’m often doing other things. But I’ll try to keep up reading, will probably post semi-regularly, and will catch you all in the New Year*. I go back to work on the 3rd of January, normal programming will resume then. Have a safe and joyful break, folks.

* Unless there’s an apocalypse.
Tags: omg work rant?, who voted for these idiots?, yay holidays!
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