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Roll on, Friday!

Welcome to the last week of work for this year - for me at least. It also ends on the 21st, but there's a general consensus in my office that the End Of The World As We Know It would be the 21st, Mayan time, which makes it the 22nd here. So for me, the 21st is just the End Of The Week As We Know It, and a chance to spend Happy Fun Times in the supermarket because we volunteered to host Christmas this year.


I cleaned the house. All of it. I haven't done this for several weeks, it's been getting the helpful ministrations of the YoT and Dr Wheel and a lick and a promise (mostly just a promise) from me since the start of the shearing season. Yesterday, it got the whole bit, even wiping inside cupboards and cleaning skirting boards. I didn't do the windows though. I hate window cleaning, window cleaning can kiss my arse.

Made Christmas brownie. I haven't baked for a while either and I'd forgotten how many dishes it makes. But mmm, brownie.

Finished cutting out my aluminium bits. I now have four hand-sawed aluminium vanes for the Magister's Staff, and I can't carry on with it until I've consulted with grist about how his end is shaping up. I also have sore wrists and slightly larger arm muscles than before. Yes, I really did just do about 60cm of cuts through 1cm of aluminium by hand, because I'm too tightarsed to pay Ponoko to do it with a laser.

Tested the Christmas brownie. This involved FINALLY FINISHING SKYRIM OMG OMG OMG! Actually I don't think you ever really finish Skyrim, but I finished the main questline. I was kind of expecting angels singing, public adulation or at least a banquet a la the Hero of Ferelden. But nope. I landed on a mountaintop then teleported to my home town, where I thought there might be a parade in my honour or something. Instead there was this one dude who used to say the thing about taking an arrow in the knee, now he says something like "Hear you saved the world. Chur."

And that's it. RIPPED OFF.

So then I couldn't decide what to play next and wasn't really in the right *cough* frame of mind for learning new controls, and then I started wondering about the character builder tools in various games. DA has the best one I've seen so far, so I fired up DA2 to see if I could make me a double for Anders, then played it through to the point where you meet him:

The one in the leather codpiece is my creation, who I called Dave. Considering I was doing it from memory, I think I did pretty well. The nose is a bit more Roman, and the face could be longer and thinner, skin tone's a bit different, but not bad for a first effort. I reckon Dave looks like Anders' slightly better fed brother who was brought up on a farm.

Now I'm wondering if I can make ones that look like my RL friends. Mwuahahahaha..

Meanwhile, I'm kind of over people using Christmas gift-giving as a reason to think they're better than other people. "I spent so much money!" is no better or worse than "Oh, I'm making all my gifts this year!" in terms of implicit judgement of the decisions of others, you know? Fact is, there's no obligation to give gifts at all, and it doesn't matter if you've loads of time for making things or loads of money for buying things, or neither or both - if someone's giving someone else a gift, that in itself is a pretty nice thing to do and surely this gifting business is about letting someone know in a physical way that you are thinking about them and want to do something nice for them?

Meh. I'm not really in the spirit of Christmas this year, but I'm looking forward to giving people the things I have for them. Some of these gifts aren't even things, they're concepts like *gasp* my time!

Please, judge me. Judge me hard.
Tags: silly pictures, stunt double, whiling away the hours in trivialities
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