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Coherence. Or something.

NZ ladies - have any of you received your Filament yet? Last night I dreamed about fart lighting. Last night there was a lentil nightmare in our kitchen as I made my first ever attempt to cook with lentils. In school the Youth of Today is currently studying manipulation of data and statistics. For Joel. I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow. Some of you might remember how earlier this year I spent an excessive amount of time painting my balls green. It seems likely that I have strep throat. Well that was a lovely weekend. This morning the enrolment information for next year's university courses arrived in email. OHAI Melbourne, I am in you. You'd think that with the way farmers in New Zealand took to the internet, and the isolation of your average rural holding, farm supply shops would have a really good online presence.

Apparently it's that time of year again, where you do a retrospective of the first sentence of each month for the year. This year, the fashion is to put them all in one paragraph. As you can see, mine is about as coherent as my usual mumblings.

Anyway, now I want to see yours.

I think this is awesome:

Not in the "Hey I would totally wear that against my naked flesh" kind of way, more in the "Hey that looks sort of like videogame armour" kind of way. And I bet it's super warm.

"But that's a onesie!"

Why yes, yes it is. I like unitards too. Sue me. Well, I like unitards until I have to go to the loo, then they are a tangly, get-completely-undressed-in-a-freezing-cold-bathroom, frustrating pain in the arse.

Dear Science Boffins, please invent underthings that disappear when you need to wee. Cheers.

And while we're on the subject of work, bare shoulders at work Y/N? This is an important question, guys! It's actually pretending it's summer here right now and my desk gets morning sun and everything! I'm hot!

Wellington nearly always pretends it's summer for the week or two before Christmas. Traditionally it then craps out and on New Year's Eve we often get sub-10 temperatures and sleet from the south. Last year all the festivals were even cancelled because the weather was so shite. So making the most of our two weeks of summer is important. Yep.

Last night we had a handstand competition to see who could last the longest up against the wall. I didn't win but I was pretty impressed with my 2 minutes 30 seconds. I didn't think I could keep going that long buy hey! And I suspect my handbalancing break will be filled with tuck-ups because I reckon doing endless ones of those will be the only thing that trains my bloody stupid shoulders to open on command. Do you hear me shoulders? You will bend to my will. Nyah.

Today I will try Twitter with the three happyfun folks recommended by helianthas added. If I like it, it may be followed up by trimming al the SRS BSNS feeds so that it's pure entertainment. That might alter my perspective of it...

Oh yeah - what's with all the people getting whooping cough this year? Like, people who are young and healthy? I don't get it.
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