tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Capitalism, I did it.

Huh. I've been working with Microsoft Office applications since *mumblefuck*, and I only just realised that the little taskbar icons have letters on them - W for Word, X for Excel, O for Outlook, P for Powerpoint. I guess either I'm not very observant, or that wasn't particularly good design. Hmm..

Meanwhile, call me a grinch but I'm over Christmas carols already. It's not that I'm against Christmas or anything, but they stick in your head and GIDDY UP JINGLE HORSE PICK UP YOUR FEET is not something I need to be thinking over and over all day, you know? What the fuck is a jingle horse anyway? Can I get one in Skyrim?

I don't do a lot of Christmas acknowledgement, but I do give gifts to a few people. Because of work and shearing and the geeky nature of the pople I care about, I try to do as much shopping as I can online to save time wandering around the shops. I know I could make stuff but I'm not sure my friends would appreciate hastily-thrown-together copies of Dragon Age staffs, you know. Or, home made undies from fun fur. Hey, I might be onto something there... uh..

So, um, thank fuck for the internet. Yup.

What this means is that for the couple of weeks before Christmas, parcels arrive one after the other. Yay parcels! It's like I get presents, then I get to give them to other people! Two gifts for the price of one!

But in some cases, it's literally two gifts for the price of one. I bought *thing* from *internet shop* and they sent it to me. Then they sent it to me again. Now I have two *things*. They are exactly the same. I have a home for one of them, but the other is, well, not mine really. I didn't pay for it. I didn't pay shipping for it either - I only paid for one *thing*.

But in order to return it, I have to send it back, and because I live at the arse-end of nowhere in global terms, that means shipping it back costs almost as much as the product is worth. I could probably get refunded for shipping, but I've read the returns policy and it doesn't actually say anything about if they send you extra stuff by mistake.

So do I keep it, or send it back? It's not something I would use but I could give it to someone else. Or I could be all dutiful and go through the hoops required to get a refund for the extra cost to me of returning it.

Oh, the dilemma!

Yes, this is the biggest problem in my life right now and for that I am thankful.

We've started watching a documentary series about the 20th Century, called The Century of the Self. The first episode is about Edward Bernays and his belief, based in the idea of his Uncle Sigmund, that people should be manipulated en masse to keep them docile. One of his first 'successes' in public relations was convincing women to smoke. His view was that cigarettes represented a penis so women who smoked would feel they had one of their own, and thus feel empowered. I guess that's possible, but it could also be the empowerment of participating in an act of rebellion - the men say I shouldn't smoke and look, here I am, smoking! Ha!

Anyway, it seems this guy is responsible for a lot of the foundational stuff of consumer culture. From what I gather, it seems he was also a sociopath. Awesome.

In other news, I have sunburn behind my ears and on the back of my neck, up in my hair. I have to put sunscreen in my hair. Who does that?
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