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If everyone in Skyrim was on drugs....

Last night Dr Wheel and I indulged in Geek Bonding. What is Geek Bonding in the Wheel/Tats household? Well, it could be any one of a number of things but on this occasion it was co-operative Torchlight 2.

He's been playing this for a while on single player, and I've often glanced up and gone "Holy crap that looks like Skyrim on acid." But it's not Skyrim on acid. In fact, I'm struggling to think of a game that it's like. I mean, the obvious comparison is Diablo but I haven't played any of the Diablo games (I know, my gamer cred just went *poof* didn't it), so I couldn't really say. However it has two things going for it that I really really like:


Meet First. She looks just like Danger, which is Dr Wheel's pet. There are loads of choices of pet, but we both liked the same one so wherever we go, we are now followed by cute little papillons with backpacks. It's like a mobile puppy pile. But these pets aren't just decorative, they fight for you and you can put fancy collars on them with names like The Studded Beast Collar, which make them even more hardcore. Hardcore and papillon are two words I didn't think I'd ever use in the same sentence. First hasn't died yet though, so yep - hardcore.

Better still, you can put all your junk loot and discarded gear in their little backpack and they will run off to town and sell it for you. And they will take a shopping list and come back with more potions and things. Rock.

The other thing I like: Giant Fiery Hammer of Doom.

As you know, I normally play casters and this game is no exception. Only with this one, the talent tree includes the ability to switch from shooting fireballs to swinging a giant fiery mallet that is as big as I am. So I get the best of both worlds, and kiting takes on a whole new meaning because this thing stuns groups, then you can run off, switch to fireballs and nail them from a distance.

And every now and then you accidentally fall through a portal (You don't? Oh well, maybe that's just me and my inability to drive isometric interfaces very well) and end up in a labyrinth, running around in circles while your partner kills bears for entertainment waiting for you to figure out how to get back.

Ok maybe that last one isn't an upside.

But yes, it's shiny, silly fun. You level so fast to start with that it gets a bit stilted if there are two of you because you're always stopping to spend points. There's loads of loot, almost to the point where someone like me, who's not into micromanaging inventory, gets a bit "Argh! I just got this staff, I've shot like one thing with it and now look, here's a better one! Stop it!"

And to be honest, I've no clue what we're questing for or why, we're just running to the shiny stars and killing stuff to get there. But I get the feeling this game isn't about RPGing in the traditional sense. It feels quite arcade-y, like it's mostly about running around killing things and getting loot and admiring the prettyshiny.

With cute, hardcore pets. And giant fiery hammers of doom. And, um.. One Eyed Willy?

I suspect we'll lose a few hours to it. Yep. Here's a review from someone who really likes it, comparing it with Diablo 3.

I've also progressed the main plotline in Skyrim by infiltrating the Thalmor Embassy. You lose all your gear when you go in, and I didn't have the foresight to give anything to the spy dude to smuggle in for me, so I did the first part with nothing, dressed in a silly frock. Then I fireballed a wizard and stole his clothes and potions because my need was greater, left him lying there in his undies with his head jammed in a door, and it was plain sailing from there. Don't mess with my Breton, fuckers. She has no mercy.

And to demonstrate that I don't just spend my life playing video games, um.. nope. I got nothing.
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