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Tats Theory Of Spring

Those of you who actually read this may remember a little while back I made a post about my theory of how spring makes people restless and I bet lots of people change jobs etc at this time of year?

Well, ferlengheti, beagl, caycos and segrada all have new jobs, and I know of a couple of others as well. This is in the space of a couple of weeks. (Yes, caycos, I know yours has been in the pipeline for a while, but it's actually kicking in now). I think it's something to do with the lengthening of the days but one day I'll study it scientifically and find out for sure.

Congratulations to everybody, by the way. I -did- feel a small immature twinge of envy and wonder if I'm giving away all my 'get a better job' energy to other people, but you've all got them now, so it must be my turn...
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