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The answer to yesterday's wee question about the treading water while waving your arm over your head is construction diving. In fact I think this is part of all tests for diving certification. I assume the arm-waving part is to demonstrate that you're not using your hands to support yourself and are therefore fit and efficient at treading water. Or something.

Meanwhile, I see that gmail is going to stop supporting IE.

It's not surprising - the net is moving further and further away from IE support because it just seems to be awkward to deal with (according to web developers I know) compared with other browsers, and I'm told it also has poor security.

The thing is, a lot of workplaces still use it, because it comes with the Microsoft suite of whatever-they-use. My workplace is no exception. However, having my email not work because of it is kind of the last straw for me so off I went to attempt to download Firefox.

Imagine my surprise when I was able to download and install Firefox without running into any stern boxes telling me I don't have admin rights on my machine at work. Calooh! Callay! No more weirdly displayed web pages! No more "Your browser seems to be out of date" messages. No more 'discussions' with TAFKARF about how I should quit my job because my workplace insists on using IE. Joy indeed.

So when my colleague over the partition said "Hey how did you deal with this?" I told her what I did and walked her through the steps. And she DID run into an admin window. As did my other colleague who jumped on the Firefox bandwagon with us. They were able to dl and install it anyway, but keep running into a popup window asking for an admin password, to which they have to click 'cancel' and it goes away and doesn't seem to affect their browsing.

However, I'm not having this issue. All I can think is that maybe after all these years of not being a pain to the IT department, never going anywhere stupid on the net, and generally demonstrating a level of internet understanding that's possibly higher than average, our IT dept has given me licence to do this kind of thing for myself. Or it's an oversight. Could be that I guess - but I log in as me every morning, so somewhere, sometime I've been granted admin rights without noticing.


Meanwhile, last night I finished installing the last of the 12 games I bought in that giant sale. Having done so, I've come to the conclusion that EA really do suck. Apart from a few compatibility issues with older games, and a driver problem that means one game won't run in fullscreen, the only games I had trouble installing were the EA ones. And I didn't manage to install any of them without having to jump through frustrating hoops of copyright-protection.

The only reason I keep buying EA games is because they own Bioware, and while Bioware keep producing games I like they have me by the short and curlies. I'll jump through their hoops for the sake of a Bioware game and they know it. I feel dirty.

Oh yeah, the other thing that happened on Tuesday is that the YoT left school. They had a leaving assembly and everything. Now, he has one exam to do and then he's finished. He's apparently polishing up his CV for the handing around, but other than that we're all a bit "What now?"

I think this is a milestone. It doesn't really feel like one, but yeah. Mah offspring, not a kid any more. O.o
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