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LJ - not so bad ackshully

We are going to Melbourne. Tomorrow, in fact. This is the finishing-degree treat I bought myself before my hard drive died (necessitating further treating of the computer hardware kind) and before rivet decided to come see us last weekend. So now it's Extra Added Bonus Treat For Finishing My Degree. Yes, I know I've been overtreated, but fuckit, I've earned it.

So anyway, I've never been to Melbourne. Pretty much every other kiwi has, and probably a whole bunch of other people too. So, oh well-travelled flist, what should we see and do in Melbourne? We have a dance party on Friday evening, but other than that we have about 3 full days. Are there any places we should totally go?

Apparently nobody likes it and there are the usual threats going around that people will quit LJ over it and etc.

Frankly, I had a look at it and it doesn't seem all that obnoxious to me. I'm not stoked about it, but I'm not upset about it either. I know that some people have good reasons to dislike it. Apparently it will make things difficult for the vision-impaired, for example. But personally, I'm feeling a big fat 'meh' over the whole thing.

Meanwhile, the usual complaints about LJ are coming out of the woodwork. It's unreliable, it makes changes people don't like without asking them, it's run by unethical bastards who don't have the best interests of its users at heart..

.. to which I go "So how is that different from any other social networking site?"

Because seriously, in my experience LJ is more reliable than Twitter, makes fewer unwanted changes than Facebook, and none of the social networking sites are really run by people who put the users first.

In fact, I am actually kind of proud of LJ - the reason it's occasionally unreliable is because it's home to people who are voicing their political opinions and certain governments see that as a threat. Yet, LJ hasn't kicked off the dissidents, it's supported them and their right to say their piece. I like that.

And in the 10ish years I've been here, sometimes it's been slow and sometimes it's been a bit weird, but it's only been maybe 5 days in total that I haven't been able to access it at all. I'm not complaining about that. The changes that have been made have not affected my experience negatively in any way, and IMO it's still the site that has the best combination of features to facilitate longform blogging and the ensuing discussion. Threaded comments, collapsible cuts, a decent gallery service, effective filters, tags, archives.. they are all good and have improved over that time.

This latest change will not chase me off LJ any more than any of the previous changes have. I've tried other sites, but I always end up coming back here because I still think LJ is the best at what it does. The fact that I haven't found a site in that time that can provide even the same combination of services, never mind better, says a lot really.

Last night I got home from work and played a guilt-free hour of Skyrim. Then I had dinner and watched guilt-free media and spent some time doing guilt-free modelling on Freedom's Call.

I like this guilt-free thing. Intellectual freedom is nice. And no, I totally didn't almost rant today about how our Minister of Justice is consulting in the US about how to run drug courts. Nope.
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