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Gone fishin'

Well, the fish weren't cooperating. Anyone who wants to give me a logical reason why fish go off the bite on an easterly, I'm all ears.. but, what a beautiful day for a drive through the Wairarapa, and this time I remembered my camera.

This is a photo of 'Spot X'. I may as well publish it because a) it's lovely and b) the fish weren't home.

This is the view across Tinui Station to Tinui Rock. Yes, it's climbable, though chossy. It's actually a taipo (a rock that sticks up out of the top of a hill). Not sure how these got to be called taipos, because the Maori word 'Taipo' means 'goblin'. Most of these places are supposed to have magic of some kind.

Some of the bizarre geology that abounds on the Wairarapa coast. Cape Turnagain can be seen in the very distant distance.

I love the silver on the trunks of karaka trees. It gives them an ethereal beauty that most NZ natives lack.

This is 3km north of the beach with the stripes, and completely different. This is a favourite spot for collecting paua, although nowadays it's hard to find them legal-sized without diving.

Castlepoint and Castle Rock from Mataikona Hill. From here you can see why Cook thought the rock looked like a castle.

The Beauly Station taipos. Yup, these are climbable too, but even chossier than Tinui. The owners of Beauly, the French family, are all keen climbers and mountaineers.

Only in Masterton.. ;-)

So I had a good day anyway. The fishing was just an excuse really, and the drive to Castlepoint rocks. What an incredibly cool weekend! Now for icecream, bath, book, bed... mmm.

It -so- doesn't suck to be me. *grin*
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