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In which rewards for consistent application of concentration turn out to be distracting

Yesterday I handed in the last essay I will ever write as an undergraduate. It was kind of anticlimactic because no angels appeared with trumpets, not even any dancing boys in bow ties, just the slight *thunk* as it hit the bottom of the box, telling me that I'm once again the first to hand in.

I hate my essay, as usual. I think it's crap, as usual. And as much as I say I don't care, I actually do because it'd be a shame to blow my run at the last hurdle, but I've come to realise that what I think is crap, the markers seem to think is ok, so it'll pass. Meanwhile I've given myself the weekend off before starting to revise for the exam which is Monday the 29th. And since I've spent the last three days reinstalling and patching games, and the weather just turned to shit, no prizes for guessing what this weekend will be about.

Last night was the first time I got to play Skyrim for any amount of time. It usually takes me about an hour of play to get into a new game and learn the controls enough so I'm not just going "WTF AM I DOING I HAVE NO IDEA ARGH!" *die* all the time. Last night I got that hour.

So can I just say that at my screen's native resolution and with all the whizzies turned on going at 60fps, Skyrim is stunningly beautiful. But it's lonely. All of the Elder Scrolls games are a bit like that after playing games where you have companions - these are the only games of this type I've played where I always have this vague sense that I'm truly alone in the world.

So I made a friend:

Who knocked me out of the frame just after this picture was taken. When I left my intrepid hero, she was standing outside a temple on top of a mountain in a blizzard wearing her leather miniskirt, having just discovered the hard way that Skyrim doesn't have invisible barriers to stop you throwing yourself off the top of towers.

Also, my first impression of the game is that it's a sort of Second Life for RPG freaks, what with the learning to cook and make your own clothes alongside killing monsters and saving the world. I can kind of see the appeal - most RPGs have some element of this sort of thing - but it appears Skyrim will take it to the extreme. Hmm. Mostly I hope I get some lasting (non-bovine) companions that I can get to know, because otherwise it will be a lonely 100 hours. We shall see.

Anyway, in between searching a vast and beautiful open world for someone to be friends with, I'll most likely be dremel-ing a fair bit (OMG so fast and easy!), cleaning the house, randomly fondling Dr Wheel, and not writing any essays. It doesn't sound all that exciting but I am exploding with excitement at the idea of having a whole long weekend with no academic demands or sheep shearing.

Watch me complain I'm bored after 5 hours. Actually, not. Because I caved in to the Mighty Ape Labour weekend sale, and, um.. *cough*

It's not as bad as it looks, most of them were $10, ME3 and Darksiders were half price! I still feel vaguely dirty. But I will get over that.

Anyway, how will you be spending your long weekend*? And if you're not having one, what would you do if you did?

* In NZ we get no public holidays between Queen's Birthday at the start of June, and Labour weekend at the end of October. This means the whole winter with no long weekends. It kind of sucks but it adds extra Yay to Labour weekend.
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