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Forming a mage army..

After yesterday's experiment with real-life D&D stats, it doesn't seem that the test is particularly biased in any way, but it has demonstrated that most of my friends are squishy. Happy posed the theory that this is because most of the warrior types aren't on the internet, they are off hitting things. Which is kind of ironic given that based on stats, he's our damage warrior. Here's how it played out:

Tank = dreadbeard with a massive constitution of 13. Hey, it was the highest!
Damage warrior = Happy who is strong but squishy therefore will need buffing and healing a lot.
Melee rogue = clashfan because of her stature and dexterity*
Ranged rogue = tieke - dextrous but squishy. Also, won't play if she can't have a pet.
Mages = All of the rest of us. Apparently we are a pack of intellectuals, some wiser than others. And I might end up being the off-tank (fuck yeah tanking mages!) based on constitution which could work out ok with enough crowd control**.

Despite the fact that we don't have a lot of melee power going on, as we all know facing a large group of mages can easily become Wipe-O-Rama, so I reckon we'd stand a reasonable chance. As long as we were playing RL WoW and could have a party of 10-15. If we're only allowed four, I reckon we're fucked.

* In the games I play, dexterity doesn't just count for dodging attacks but also for crit chance and lockpicking.
** Clearly I have thought about this far too much.

You know that saying about how you should breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord and dine like a pauper? Well, I think it's bollocks becaus you know, I'm never going to be a king, even if I were royalty.

Oh, like a king! OK then. So I should have a banquet with royal venison and lots of wine for breakfast? Smelly cheese for lunch? Rat gruel for dinner? Nope?

Yes, I do know what it actually means - it means that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should therefore be the one where you absorb the most nutrition. Lunch should be fuel to keep you going, and dinner should recognise that you're about to do a whole bunch of nothing for the next 8-12 hours, so probably don't need to eat a lot of protein and carbohydrates.

I've traditionally had a weird relationship with food, in that for many years I only really ate one meal a day (dinner) and I have bulimic tendencies. Last year about this time I decided to try and get a handle on my eating habits, and started doing three meals a day. It went like this:

Breakfast: banana and coffee.
Lunch: fruit salad (apple, pear, grapes usually), a handful of spinach and a handful each of pumpkin/sunflower seeds for protein.
Dinner: dinner stuff, usually some form of protein, a bit of carb and the rest vegies.

Shut up, it's an improvement on apples, mincemeat and ice cream which was my staple for a long time.

Thing is, while I'm pretty happy with the level of nutrition in that, and am pleased I'm now eating more regularly and sensibly, I've found myself really really hungry when I get home, and unable to wait for dinner (which is later these days than I was used to because of Dr Wheel's hours). I'd get to pigging out on anything available as soon as I got home from work, then eating dinner as well so as to get actual nutrition. This is obviously not a recipe for a healthy relationship with food.

Then yesterday, I had a revelation. You see, I had lunch with a friend, and it was like a dinner. It was an open steak sandwich with fries and salad - all the carbs and protein in the world. And when I got home from work, I wasn't hungry. I still wasn't hungry at dinner time, so instead of the dinner I'd cooked, I had my packed lunch. And it worked! I got nutrition from all the fruit without feeling bloated and full, and I'd avoided the pigging out on crap that has become a willpower battle every day when I get home.

So today, I've cut the fruit salad out of my lunch, and replaced it with some bread, a hunk of cheese and a handful of nuts. And at dinner time, I'll stay away from the meat and pasta and replace them with what I would have had for lunch. And see if that works for getting me doing the king/lord/pauper thing, and avoiding stuffing my face with crap because I'm hungry at inappropriate times.

Won't be doing the rat gruel though..

Meanwhile, so far our illustrious lecturer/tutor combo has not put any old exam papers up on Blackboard to help with revision for my LAST EVER EXAM! This is frustrating. I don't think I've ever done a course where we were expected to walk into the exam with no indication whatsoever of what the expectations would be. I am hoping it's not because they've been covering it in lectures*. That would be ironic given how useless the lectures have previously been.

* For those who are new, I stopped going to the lectures because they were just repetitions of the course readings where the lecturer would talk really slowly and you were expected to copy down what he said. Fuck that.

I will ask today in the tutorial what the deal is.
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