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Indulge me, oh flist!

Yesterday, DoomBoy told me I should inform you all that I am making the fastest strength improvement of all his clients. So this is me, telling you.

I'm not really sure what that means, because I didn't record my starting weight. I think it was around 30kg and now I'm up to around 50kg. I've been doing this for about three months and 20kg in three months doesn't seem like a lot of improvement to me. But really I've no idea so I'm taking the praise.

*pats self on back*

Thanks to coyotegoth, here's a thing that lets you discover your actual D&D stats. I suspect it's biased towards men, because it asks you about your benchpress weight and height to calculate strength, and I came out like this:
    Strength = 11
    Intellect = 17
    Wisdom = 16
    Dexterity = 11
    Constistution = 12
    Charisma = 14

Based on that, my lowest attributes are strength, dexterity and constitution, and I should probably be a caster. Given that as women go, I'm above average height and pretty strong too, that would make pretty much all women casters. I'm not sure how I feel about that. But I wouldn't mind checking if I'm wrong. So ladies, if you've 5 minutes to spare for a silly experiment, I'd love to see your stats. Guys too, as a control.

I guess being a caster means I get to wave my cool staff around a lot?

Except No.1 Brother Wheel came round last night and he's into LARPing. He informed me that there's a thing called LARPsafe, and that weapons have to be it. This means basically that you have to be able to hit people with them without doing them injuries. One could not say that about the Enchanter's Staff which is hard like concrete and has pointy bits. You could also not say it about Freedom's Call, which is bristling with (wooden but sharpened) blades on both ends and in the middle.

So now I'm thinking about making LARP staffs. The difficulty with staffs, I guess, is that they are long and often heavily decorated. I'm told that most LARP swords/shields are made using closed-cell foam, but I'm not sure that'd hold up to staff conditions..

It just wouldn't be that impressive being all YOU SHALL NOT PASS *staffthumponground* and having your staff act like it's made of jelly, you know?

So that might have to wait till I've thought about it some more. It's not as if I'm inundated with invitations to participate in LARPing anyway, but I am currently obsessed with staff making and at some point I need to find a use for them, right? Otherwise it'll be like my costume cupboard, except having a bunch of staffs explode out at you will hurt a lot more than a bunch of tulle and tubular crin. *sigh*

So you crafty types - you know how the other day I asked about your making space? Now I'm asking, what do you do with the things you've made? How do you store them if you keep them, and if you don't keep them, where do they go?

Also from coyotegoth, it seems that the capital of Orkney is Kirkwall! *squee* And there were folks in the British Isles doing large-scale architectural stuff before the pyramids were built, apparently. Neat.
Tags: fear my giant biceps, rar!, why i should be a caster
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