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Button mashing for fun and .. frustration?

While I think of it, I know there are a bunch of you on my flist who like godess-y, witchy, earthy and otherwise pagany stuff. There's also a bunch of you who are into made art. Well, it so happens that my friend pombagira is a bit of a sewing wizz and likes to make goddess-y, witchy, earthy and otherwise pagany stuff. At the moment she's into making wall hangings and she's been on a binge and made a bunch of them. Here's an example:

She does sell these, and in this post there's examples of more of her work, a link to her Etsy and details on how to nab yourself one if you want. She has this problem where often she doesn't get to list her stuff on Etsy because she posts pics on LJ and Facebook and then folks snap it up before she gets a chance. Anyway, I wanted to show it to y'all cos I figured you'd like to see it. Have a look around her LJ for more if you like it.

Last night after sorting through my mental gantt chart* and realising I'd done everything I could do on Freedom's Call for the day, I went to play some games. It's been a few days and I haven't really been grabbed by The Bard's Tale. I mean, it's funny - I especially liked the bit where I killed my first wolf and the narrator was all "And the wolf regurgitated some gold.. and a whole lot of miscellaneous household items? What? That can't be right!" And the Bard looked into the camera and said "Don't you go changing that, it's my livelihood!"

But, it's isometric view (have I mentioned how much I dislike isometric?) and I was really struggling with the controls. OK, so pressing 2/S/A simultaneously should summon a crossbow-wielding heroine to save your sorry arse from the giant bear things that attack you the second you leave the village.. but it doesn't. WUT. Die die die... die some more. *sigh* The electric spider summons ok, why can't I summon Arse-Savey Girl? And that expensive longbow I bought, why can't I equip that?

My auto-assumption is always, ALWAYS that I'm doing something wrong. It's not the complete lack of instructions, or the non-intuitive approach to equipping items, it's me. I'm stupid. Every 11 year old gamerboy on the planet has figured it out and I can't. Because I'm not a computer geek and therefore this is the obvious answer.

I won't go on a long rant about how this view has been reinforced over the years by various stereotypes that are applied to folks like me, instead I will suggest that at least some middle-aged mothers have probably been playing videogames since before you were born, eh? So why the fuck, as one of those middle aged mothers, have I internalised this idea that if I'm having problems with a game, it's because I'm incompetent?

Eventually I got frustrated and googled, and found that a number of other people had also had the problem, and there was a fix for it. And I was able to translate that fix from XP (which was the dominant OS when this game was made) to Win7(without instructions), sort the problem out, and Presto Change-o! Arse-saving heroine, at your service. And the longbow but that turned out to be a bad choice so I switched back to the whacky sword.


Which all goes to say WTF Tats? What is up with this business of the first assumption always being that you are stupid? I do not like this assumption. I especially don't like it when it transfers into things in real life. Like, someone I care about's in a bad mood? Must be something I did. Etc. This has to change because that assumption is the stupid part when you think about it.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this, eh? Why do we do this to ourselves?

Anyway, I suspect I'll enjoy The Bard's Tale a lot more now that I can actually use the interface and it does what I tell it to. The downside is that it's a settings bug and default settings are the only ones that work, so I have to listen to the background music (which I always switch off because it drives me batty) as I play. Boo.

* "Why don't you make a real gantt chart, Tats? Like on paper n stuff." Because I'm not you and for this project I don't need to. I spend enough time thinking about it that writing down steps and phases would be redundant. Talk to me when I'm doing something with more than four parallel workflows.
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