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In which I contemplate spending too much money on electronics - again.

Question for the cooking-ey type folks on here. When using reduced cream in cooking (things like stroganoff), what's a good way to counteract the sweetness? I am assuming someone here will go "Duh, salt", but would that actually counteract it, or just add another flavour? I'm hoping for something that will just.. savouryise it.

Also, I'm allowed to make up words because I'm a parent. Logic. I has it.

In other news, every computer upgrade I've ever done has been driven by a game, and I feel another one coming on.

The same night I finished the staff, I also finished Mass Effect 2. It did manage to grab me in the end with its story and characters and interesting variety of gameplay. This is a good thing. I disagree that it beats the DA series, but it's definitely in my top 5. I found the somewhat linear questline nice - my OCD doesn't like that bit at the start of most games where you have a million quests all over the shop and no idea where to start systematically ticking them off, and ME2 didn't do that. It gave me a manageable number with a logical sequence and the sidequests were all very short, so not detracting from the main plot or forcing you to leave an area uncompleted or backtrack.

I also liked the small manageable chunks of questing. I could sit down with only 40 minutes of time to play, and complete something in that time. This is something DA2 did really well too, and it works for those of us who snatch gametime between work and other life stuff.

I ended up being disappointed by the Garrus romance conclusion. It was awkward and sweet and I liked how he made himself vulnerable in the end (loved the forehead press), but the second I saw him in his casual clothes I was all "OH GOD NO!" He has weird legs. And I'm saying that in the full awareness that the dude has mandibles and still manages to be sexy. But those skinny legs with the huge gap between them, sticking out from under an outfit that makes me internally cringe, just.. no.


Um.. not.

Let no one say that I am a xenophobe. But I am shallow. ;-)

Anyway, when I play ME3 I'll probably still romance him because Jacob's still boring and Thane doesn't want to talk to me. I think they are both still alive. It was actually hard to tell - at the end there was just this cutscene and I tried to do a headcount but failed. There was no opportunity to check up and see who died, but nobody obviously did. Hmm..

Anyway, so I installed The Bard's Tale and Skyrim. I suspect I'll end up playing The Bard's Tale (argh isometric!)because it seems my graphics card can't quite cope with Skyrim. I have the settings on medium which is lower than I normally run games, and it's doing a regular freeze/blackscreen/continue thing while it thinks about it. By regular I mean about once a minute. It has 512MB RAM but that's the minimum required to run Skyrim and, well.. it sucks, essentially.

I know how this goes. Get a better graphics card and more motherboard RAM. Discover that to run that you need a bigger power supply. Realise that your motherboard was last updated to play DA:O in 2009 and that by the time DA3 comes out, Skyrim level requirements will be standard. So part of me is wondering whether to bite the bullet now and just do it.

Part of me would like to drop a couple of grand and get a system like Dr Wheel's. But he says high end systems tend to be finicky. I reckon it's not the high end system, it's the high end geeks that buy them, that tend to be tweaky and fiddle-y. He was all "You wound me!" But.. well, I know a lot of geeks.

But anyway, yes. Moar graphics needed. Again. *sigh*

As you can see, the 30 day meme lasted all of 2 days. Cue a huge sigh of relief from my friends list. Ah well.

So anyway, last night I started making Freedom's Call. To make this one, I'm going to have to learn:
    How to use a jigsaw.
    How to do overlay leather plaiting. I can do a fourplait to make stockwhips but I've never done it with a core before.
    How to paint wood to look like metal.

Part of why I do these things is the buzz of working out how to do them, and learning new skills. But when I'm old I'll have a house full of pretty-but-useless retro videogame references. Oh well, could be worse, eh?
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