tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Namey name names. Lots of them, it turns out.

This morning the enrolment information for next year's university courses arrived in email. I hesitated for about 0.0000005 seconds before deleting it. It felt good. I also spent a couple of hours yesterday outlining the last essay I will ever write as an undergraduate. It's not due for three weeks but fuckit I want it to be over so I'm doing it in advance so I don't have to think too hard about it.


Meanwhile, cynical_ghost is getting her meme on so I thought I'd nick it.

It's one of those 'answer a question a day' ones. I've never finished one of those because I get distracted with other things and forget, or get bored with it or whatever, but you never know, maybe this time? This one's a 30 day meme and since today's the first, it sort of works.

Yes I know October has 31 days but I plan on spending the 31st getting over my end-of-degree celebrations and packing to go to Melbourne, not writing on the internet about my navel fluff. Anyway, here goes:

01. Your name

I'm called Wendy. It was my parents' compromise - Dad wanted to call me Darlene (dunno about you but here, any name ending in -ene is generally a bogan name), and Mum wanted something that was hard to shorten or nickname-ise. Yeah, I know, they messed up.

Wendz. Wendini. Weedles. Bendy (always with the wiggly eyebrows), Trendy, Effendi. The best one? Allison Wendyland. That's cos my last name is Allison. I thought it was pretty clever tbh and much more original than Wendz, which is the most common one.

Wendy isn't a real name in the sense that Luke, Paul and Ruth are - it hasn't been around since biblical times. It's not a shortening of Gwendolyn either. Most people agree it was made up by JM Barrie for Peter Pan, but that link says there are two references in the English census from before the book was written. I think we can agree I got me a good British name anyway, which kind of makes me happy because as an expat, my cultural roots are important to me.

And yeah, the Peter Pan thing happens. A lot. The funniest was at the Fetish Ball one year when I was dressed in nothing but duct tape and a guy dressed as Peter Pan came up to me and introduced himself, then asked my name, and I said "Wendy" and, well.. yeah. *cough* And then there was that boyfriend called Peter in my early teens. And I did have a wendy-house when I was a kid. Well, Dad was a DIY-er and it was kind of inevitable, right?

I quite like my name. I think it suits me - but I would say that because I've been answering to it for 42 years. I don't answer to Darlene. Thank you Mum.

Tatjna, on the other hand, is a name I adopted when I found the internet. The first thing that happened was I realised I could talk to people in other countries for free, but to join in I had to have a username. I happened to be playing a game at the time that had pre-named characters and you could pick yours from the list. Mine was called Tatjna. She was athletic and hardcore and indestructible, and nobody else seemed to be using that name, so that's what I became. I've been Tatjna on the internet since about 1998, and for the most part I've always been able to get that name. If you google it, most of the hits on the first page are me, the rest are impostors. Or Russian brides. I get friended a lot by Russians because, well.. it's obvious really.

I do have some other names I use in various forums around the place. I use Snowcrash when I don't want my gender to be identified, and on videogame forums these days I'm usually Sparrow. Between those three names I have most of the internet covered. At least, so far. I've never had to resort to using numbers to get the name I want, anyway. Plz to not nick mah namez, internets!

I am unimpressed by the syncing thing that G+ seems to have provided that allows other people to put things in your calendar. I was invited to Burning Seed, right? It's been on this last week. I couldn't go and I said so right at the start. But because I was invited, it was put in my calendar, albeit with a strikethrough. I've tried to delete it a couple of times but can't find the button that lets me do that. It just takes me to the event page but doesn't allow me to remove it. So it syncs with my phone and reminds me every day that Burning Seed is on and I'm not there.

So, um, can someone tell me how to remove events from my calendar that other people put there by inviting me through G+? And if that's not possible, how about just don't use G+ to invite me to things, because it annoys more than helping. I am capable of putting things I want to go to in my calendar all by myself.
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