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About time you started working, LJ - Tactical Ninja

Sep. 26th, 2012

11:49 am - About time you started working, LJ

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Happy Birthday pombagira!! I hope this year brings all the things you've been working so hard for all this time. You've earned it.

Also, when are you kicking off your thing at Fidels tonight? Enquiring minds want to know.

Please hold for an interlude written especially for miryai:

So I did Garrus's personal quest. There were a couple of hairy moments where I struggled to know what to do, but I always play paragon on my first playthrough so I played it like this:

* Missed the interrupt but felt some satisfaction at the Harkin kneecap shot anyway.
* Tried to talk Garrus out of it in the cab, felt like I'd failed.
* Refused to get out of the way when talking to Sidonis, informed him that Garrus was trying to kill him.
* Got the paragon interrupt and from there persuaded Garrus to let him go after hearing his story.
* Didn't push him to talk about it afterwards.

Based on this I assume there's an option where you let him shoot Sidonis. I know he would because he generally does what he says he'll do, but I can't imagine him getting a lot of satisfaction from that because he's always seemed to be too, well.. decent to really be about cold-blooded killing or unnecessary death. I felt weird about assuming I knew his mind better than he did and forcing my wishes on him but I guess there's this trust thing going on between Garrus and Shep that means she trusts that he won't just kill her to get Sidonis and he trusts her judgement enough to hold fire and see where she's going with it. And it paid off because he could have just killed Sidonis after hearing the story but he didn't, so I guess Shep really did know better. And overall, it raised the trust level another notch.

Now he wants to practice *close-contact sparring* with her, so that worked out ok. ;-D. I don't have the same empathy for Garrus that I developed for Anders (I think it's the mage thing), but I just genuinely like him. He's awesome. In the same sort of ways that Dr Wheel is awesome come to think of it. Heh.

On my next playthrough I guess I'll let him kill Sidonis, just to see what happens if you take that option.

Meanwhile, I totally failed Thane's mission and am trying to decide if it's worth going back to fix it for his loyalty and fancy uniform. Mostly I'm just thinking Garrus is a pretty awesome sniper anyway and I have an assault rifle now so why bother? Also, I was right, he's emo as, all with the sentimental regret-flashbacks and the puppy eyes. And since I failed his mission, he's also brooding. Oi Fenris, what are you doing in that lizard suit?

In other news, the YoT's driving instructor is called Les Purvis. An unfortunate name. He informed me that since the government raised the skill level for a driver's licence to the equivalent of approximately 120 hours behind the wheel, it's affecting those without a car or money to pay for lessons in that they are often unable to practice enough to get a licence. According to this guy, about 25% of drivers on the road at any given time are in breach of licence regulations these days. I have no idea how true that is but it was interesting to hear.

We did the Shakeout practice thing this morning - all hiding under our desks, clinging to the legs of them, while the HR lady ran around checking we were doing it right and fielded comments about how she was totally doing it wrong. It was a bit of a joke but I got something from it in that I now know where the legs on my desk are for easy grabbage should an actual earthquake require it.

Also, you should watch this - it's short:

This reminds me a lot of the Melbourne shuffle, only it's from the 1920s. Well, the dance is. The music is Daft Punk.


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Date:September 26th, 2012 12:12 am (UTC)

thank you!!

my birthday thing is from 4.30pm onwards at Fidels.. whee..

i'll be the one in the princess hat!!


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Date:September 28th, 2012 03:28 am (UTC)


I let Garrus shoot Sidonis, which was seriously morally questionable for my paragade Shep. Again, about trust - that when he says that he needs this, he really does. For my Shep, this was the culmination of a journey that Garrus had started based on my paragade Shep of ME1. It was an emotionally intense mission for me, and I love some of the fan vids out there that focus on it. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
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