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Oh Tats you're tho thtwong..

After a lifetime of having no information on pushup technique because my stupid PhysEd teachers at school always made us girls do those silly disempowering knee-wimp pushups, I think I have finally figured it out for myself.

I'd been pushing away, tense arms, back muscles fairly relaxed and flopping about feeling all girly and pathetic. Yesterday, Whammo! I tensed the muscles across the back of my shoulders to make a 'scaffold' kind of thing in between my arms, and suddenly I could do twice as many! So, misinformed girls, think no longer that you can't do pushups. It's all in the shoulder blades. (Of course if you already knew this - Thanks for telling me! *slap*)

In other news, I now have a coin belt and some DIY home wiggling music (thanks Rhiannon, you rock!). I enjoyed both the music and the company at Indigo's acoustic lounge. Incidentally, there was a woman there who was singing almost a capella. She had a guitar but her playing was very secondary to her lovely voice. (bandless singers please note). ;-)

And things are looking up. This makes me very happy. Nuff said.
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