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I am geekier than you. Or not. I can't tell.

I am quite excited about this. New M-rated RPG from the makers of Planescape: Torment? Yes please! I'm a little disappointed they are making it isometric - I've never been a fan of that style and it's one of the things that put me off Path of Exile. However, both Baldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment were in this style and I got used to it eventually. The only reason I didn't finish P:T is that I got pissed off with the crappy little square in the middle of my screen making it impossible to see anything properly (a product of it being developed in Ye Graphics Limited Olden Tymes), and the mod I installed to improve the resolution kept crashing the game. Baldur's Gate wasn't so bad but P:T is darker - literally - and that made it much harder to see.

I am assuming there will be at least a nod to improved graphics in Eternity - I think I can cope with isometric if the screen resolution is good enough to let me see detail even if it's dark. But yeah, I supported them. I'll be getting a copy of this when it comes out, which by then will be a surprise because I'll have forgotten I already paid for it. Neato.

Last night we watched An Idiot Abroad and The Change Up. The first had some laugh out loud moments and some OMG did he just say that ones, but was overally pretty funny IMO. The second was mildly amusing in places but unfortunately the blatant sexism and general inanity meant that "sort of ok if you ignore the offensive and stupid bits" is the most positive I can be about it. Which is weird, because the first is an actual person espousing his real views of the world (which are also quite offensive in places) versus a group of characters portraying an obviously fictional story. You'd think I'd find the fiction less jarring than the reality, but I didn't.

Maybe it's because in the first one, Carl is expressing his response to being thrown into a culturally difficult situation - he's miles out of his comfort zone so his verbalisation of his ingrained disgust at the idea of eating frogs is more acceptable to me than the fictional portrayal of some middle class dudebro who thinks it's ok to introduce himself to his friend's secretary with "My balls on your chin, oh yeah." I mean really? I know the inappropriateness of this comment was supposed to be the joke, but using the idea that the first thought someone has on meeting an intelligent and attractive woman is "I must tell her how much I want to stick my cock in her mouth" as comedy says something about how normal the writers think this is. Let's have this guy say what we're all thinking but aren't allowed to express. That's what makes it funny, right? And of course if you weren't thinking it, now you are because he said it. *sigh*

Maybe this is a double standard on my part, but I don't think so. I think the guy from the first show might demonstrate some bigoted views and an ignorance of cultural differences, but he comes across as at least respectful of other people - I can't imagine him saying something like that and thinking it was funny, you know? The writers of that movie clearly thought sexual objectification of women was amusing, and treated it as normal behaviour throughout the movie.

Mostly it was just inane and a bit *eyeroll*. The only part that actually offended me was the part where the guy starts describing how to coerce someone into sex as an analogy for closing a business deal - "She keeps saying no but she's still there, obviously she wants it so you've just got to up the stakes until she agrees. If she didn't want it, she'd leave." Um, no. That's not how it works. I mean really, really not. But of course it worked in the movie, and he closed the deal and there were white middle class male arsepats all round.

Excuse me while I go vomit. Rape humour isn't funny, mmk? While I can let a certain amount of sexism go over my head in order to enjoy a movie, that was the point where that movie stopped having any chance with me. Because I've lived that, and it's not a fucking comedic device. It's also not an analogy for a business deal, and I can't 'get a sense of humour' over coercing women into sex being portrayed as normal behaviour in the guise of comedy. Just. Not. Funny. Mmk?

So why did I watch it? A few reasons. First, sometimes light comedy is what your brain wants, and often to get that you have to roll with the crap that goes with it. Second, if I were to refuse to watch every movie in which I notice sexism there wouldn't be a lot of movies left for me to watch. Third, because despite appearances I do have a sense of humour and I found parts of this movie funny. Fourth, because I don't want to become unwilling to step outside of my chosen genres and get stuck in a rut - I want to challenge myself. And finally, I live in hope that these sort of light comedies will get over the women-as-joke thing soon.

Because really? It's possible to be funny without being disrespectful or offensive. Dr Wheel makes me laugh till I just about wet myself on a regular basis, and he's never ever made me feel like he sees me as an object. I don't see him as the exception, but movies like The Change Up would have us believe that he is. More frighteningly, they encourage us to see him as an exception by presenting douchey humour/behaviour as normal for men. And ultimately, that's not fair on anyone.

Gosh. Another almost-rant, right there. Didn't mean to, it just happened.

I have had an idea for another Dorky Project. *sigh* How many Dorky Projects does one person need when they still haven't finished their degree? I did finish my DA metagame though. I have the perfect save (IMO) to take forward into the next one, ranty mage-supporting that will probably get me in trouble and all.

Our bedroom is noticeably warmer since the double glazing went in. I'm sweating at night again. Why oh why doesn't my brain tell me to chuck the covers off? It works for everyone else, but I just carry on sleeping, with the blankets pulled up to my chin, creating my own personal pool of sweat. WTF brain?

PS Have a thing: Gangnam Style as social commentary. Interesting.
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