tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Almost there... almost.. I can feel it but not yet smell it.

It seems my flist has been invaded by mustelids. Yesterday I read about both brain-weasels and ferret-brain. I'm wondering how to protect myself from this. I suspect if my brain were to become infested with slinky carnivores they'd be ermines - they're beautiful, they change with the seasons and, um.. they kill for fun? Yikes.

Also: FLAIL!. I'm not gonna speculate too much but having played through DA2 and read Asunder (don't judge me), I am quietly squeeing over here that it looks like they're taking it where I hoped they would. Nuff said. I have never pre-ordered a game for myself before (I've done it a bit for other people), but this one I will be. And then I will be taking time off work to play it. Because I'm that much of a dork. Stuff about the new engine and gameplay here.

In other news, our double glazing got installed yesterday. If I were a really good LJer I suppose I would have recorded the lack of street noise and embedded it here for you, but instead I suggest you all put on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to replicate the effect. I could also have taken a picture I guess, but ffs it's double glazing, it doesn't look all that different from single glazing. It does make the bedroom a lot warmer though. And they are clean! This is a big deal when you're three stories up in a building that only gets window-washed once a year if it's lucky.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide whether to go to today's lecture or not. Part of me thinks I might learn something, part of me knows I can learn as much by doing the readings, another part of me just doesn't care. When did I stop caring? Oh yeah, after 5 years of caring a lot and then being presented with a lecturer who doesn't care. However, I do care enough to have checked when my final exam is, and it's on Monday the 29th of October. Which means that by the end of October I will be DONE!


(just had to get that out of my system)

By my calculations, this means that going to visit rivet and TAFKARF in Melbourne and having a wee dance is definitely an option. I've never been to Melbourne. *excite*

PS OMG that's less than 6 weeks! :-DDDDDD
Tags: escaping study, finishing study, no more bloody study, sooooooon, study
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