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How to get laid - SOLVED!

So last night for a bit of light entertainment, we watched a couple of episodes of The Pickup Artist. For those who don't know, this is a reality-format game show where a dude called Mystery (who it seems is just a vehicle for the biggest ego on the planet) teaches a bunch of shy, awkward and generally non-pickup-artist types how to talk to women.

"Why the hell did you watch that?"

Well, I got interested in game a couple of years ago after reading Neil Strauss's book of the same name. I admit to initally reading the book looking for ammo to eviscerate it, but I came out with a grudging respect for Strauss* and the realisation that while 'game' is supposedly about getting women into bed, at its most benign it's mostly about teaching people to communicate. Some of it is manipulative, but a lot of it is manipulation of the dude's perception of himself and the flow on effect of that into his interactions with other people. And Strauss freely admits that at the 'higher' levels, game is more about impressing other men than about impressing women. I think it has value to a point in that it helps some people overcome their shyness and get out there to interact with confidence. However, it also tends to view women as lacking agency at best and at worst, objects to be manipulated. Of which, in case you're wondering, we're neither.

Anyway, this show is.. crap to be honest. It doesn't seem to be about helping the hapless men, more about laughing at them as they get subjected to humiliating situations and then Mystery sits in judgement** on them. I found myself wondering if he got a hardon while criticising these poor men who clearly want to be him when they grow up, and doing it with maximum drama for.. whose benefit? However, it has value in that we spent an hour or so laughing our heads off at the ridiculousness that is Mystery, and trying the pickup methods on each other. I'm not sure we absorbed the lessons we should have because I'm pretty sure that if I actually ran up to a stranger and grabbed their hands and said "BOOBIES!" they would be unlikely to offer me sex. But minute for minute, it's the best laugh I've had all week.***

* I've since lost it after reading a blog post in which he advises men not to listen to women when they say they like a man who can make them laugh because arrogant rock stars get laid more than comedians, or some oversimplistic reductionist bullshit like that. Nobody suggests they know my own mind better than I do and keeps my respect.

** He has this big fluffy hat. Dr Wheel has a bigger fluffy hat, just saying.

*** So if I like men that can make me laugh, and I had my best laugh at Mystery's expense, would I sleep with him? Chances are I wouldn't have a show with Mystery, because I'd be overcome by the perverse desire to needle his ego into a tantrum, which is conducive to nobody's rumpy pumpying good time. Also, it's actually Dr Wheel that makes me laugh. The BOOBIES thing totally works for him.

*cough* In other news, I have resin in my hair. It does not work well as conditioner.
Tags: boobies!, oh mystery you so fluffy!, taking the piss
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