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In which I move furniture and try to give stuff away

Last night I rearranged the lounge. I know, riveting. I have a love/hate relationship with our lounge - I think it looks grannyish and I know this is mostly to do with the couch and chairs that did actually belong to a granny before I had them. One day I'd like to replace them with just couches, but until that happens I'm resigned to it not being how I want it. However, the hanging of the TV on the wall last weekend led to some extra space being available, so I fiddled it around a bit to see what could be done.

I think it's an improvement - however it's also highlighted that we have one too many beanbags.

"WTF Tats, you can never have too many beanbags!"

This is true, in the fluffy-stuff-for-chillspace, or lounging-at-festivals sense. And one day, when the couch dream comes true, three giant beanbags might even be feasible. But right now, it'd be nice not to have the big blue one. Sadly they aren't the sort of thing you can just store somewhere else (I guess you could if you had a giant house but we don't have a giant house) and pull out when you need it.

So, anyone want a giant blue beanbag? It's in good nick and is a pair for the other one from Texture For The Soul.

The other thing we're looking to get rid of is the 5.1 speaker/amp/sub thing. There's nothing wrong with it, it has a 12-inch sub, 2 standing speakers and 2 smaller backing ones for surround sound and it all works fine, but Dr Wheel wants to do something different for our sound setup and neither of us particularly like it, so we were going to put it on TradeMe for a $1 reserve. However, in the interest of being community-minded, anyone else interested in it before it gets offered up to strangers?

In other news, now the other end of my collarbone (where it attaches under my neck) is swollen and sore. WTF body? Why are you doing this? Stop it at once. *ahem*

Also, in that picture you'll notice that it's daylight. In the morning, before I leave for work, even. This means it is actually springlike, and I am thankfully feeling the change in the light, which improves my frame of mind. And makes me horny. Cos we are animals and it's spring. *cough* Go on, tell me that doesn't happen to you.

PS David Tennant is adorable as Casanova.
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