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IR a klutz no rly

Fuck I love Kindle. Yes yes, I know I'm probably just buying into some giant corporate DRM-riddled mind-control machine, but seriously? Last night I converted a Word doc to pdf, copied it to my Kindle as if it were a portable drive, and was reading in less than 2 minutes. This morning jaelle_n_gilla recommended a book that looked really interesting, I looked it up, and 30 seconds later I can read it. And it's So.Fucking.Easy. Also, books are like 1/3 the price of hard copies. But mostly - Just Works and Works Easily. These are the two things that are major selling points for me.

Cue collective eyeroll from all the people who've known this for years.

Have you ever had one of those days when things just don't work?

Granted, this week is PMT week. I'm a sporadic sufferer of PMT and its manifestations vary from month to month. Some months I have sore boobs for a week and nothing else. Some months I walk around feeling bloated and horrible. Some months I spend a few days craving icecream and breaking out. And other months, I have a black cloud over my head that makes me cranky and emotional and lasts till the bleeding starts, making it a sweet relief because finally I'll feel normal in my head again. This has been one of those months.

Normally I can internalise it reasonably well and gloss it over by avoiding too much interaction. But one thing that I can't seem to avoid is the klutziness that goes with it. So last night I'm making cups of tea and coffee and I go to get milk out of the fridge, the bottle catches the bottom of the shelf above and lifts it out of its track. This would be ok except that shelf had on it a bowl of leftover sloppy stew that Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless But Might Occasionally Be Referred To As The YoT put in there without a lid on. Yep, stew all over the kitchen floor. And the fridge. And some on the lounge carpet.

Needless to say, the YoT has been asked to make sure leftovers are lidded when put in the fridge - not that I think that would have saved it, since lids tend to come off in violent connections with kitchen floors, but still.

Then the coffee machine seal broke while extracting. It's not actually broken, but sometimes it gives way and I haven't yet found the balance of right amount of coffee, right amount of tamping, and right amount of extraction to get a good coffee without this happening occasionally. So yeah, water/coffee explosion straight after cleaning up large quantities of stew off the kitchen floor. Have I mentioned how much leftover stew looks like vomit when it's splatted on your lino? It's... evocative.

That was the most drama-filled coffee I've ever had. I did manage to salvage a coffee, but by then Happy had finished his tea and was politely avoiding comment on the wee tanty I had after the second cleanup mission, and I was questioning my sanity.

I know I can probably blame myself for the klutziness that led to these two issues, but.. in a row? And in front of people? ARGH! Then the TV had a moment as well (it got over it thank fuck), so I gave up on gadgets for the day and went off to other worlds to kill monsters. I took Alistair's virginity and then rushed him off to have a threesome with a pirate. Because I can. Nyah. Yes, it made me feel better, and yes getting a threesome is definitely part of the perfect metagame, even if it doesn't affect anything in future. *cough* It so is.

See? I told you nobody gives a crap about the thing I wrote about yesterday! Still, it feels good to have articulated it.

Anyway.. continuing the Mars theme, turns out Mars has another face:

Kind of like comedy/tragedy. This one was discovered first, so maybe rivet's idea about Mars's PR department has already come to fruition, and now they are putting out more welcoming planet-faces. Or something. Anyway, I didn't think I'd ever end up anthropomorphising a planet, but there you go.

[edit] OK so one of my pet peeves is autoplay videos embedded into websites. I like to choose whether to use that bandwidth, thanks. More annoying is autoplay videos with compulsory advertisements at the start. MOST annoying is the one I just came across - an autoplay video with compulsory advertisement, which after playing the advertisement then tells me the video is not available in my location. Fuck you, video-embedding people!
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