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I can has independent wealth nao?

I guess my big news for today is that it's an anniversary of sorts. A year ago today, I gave up smoking. I know this because I had my last cigarette standing outside Wellington airport at 4:30am, on my way to see Dr Wheel in Hong Kong. In February I had one puff on one at an event to see if it did anything for me (it did so I didn't have any more), and I can say with all honesty that other than that I haven't smoked at all. I don't really miss it, but I'm also not particularly noticing any differences in my life because of it, apart from not being self-conscious about how I smell any more.

I'm still glad I did it though.

The internet is a very strange place, full of people saying very strange things. The other day I left a comment on someone's post along the lines of "If we changed the sheets every time we made love, we'd need a lot more sheets." It made sense in context, shut up. Someone replied to that (I thought obviously) jokey comment by informing me that "You don't have to change the sheets every time" followed by a dissertation on ways and means of keeping your sheets clean and details of this person's own sexual hygiene habits.

It made me go O.o and thoroughly squicked me out. And I can't help wonder if it crossed the person's mind that they were responding seriously to a joke, or if they thought this information would be helpful, or what. I am baffled. But I thought better of replying because basically, what could I say to that? "Oh, do you use lavender-scented spray or rose?" *snerk*

Also, I'm probably a bit of a wanker because my first (luckily mostly internal these days) thought was "How the hell could you think anyone who's ever had sex doesn't already know this?"

I hate it when people tell me things I already know as if I'm stupid. I know that's my problem but GRRR anyway.


We have been sampling a little of Wellington On A Plate. We aren't doing the oyster thing because we're both not good with shellfish - but it seems everyone else and not a few dogs are enjoying it. So far we've been to Floriditas and Duke Carvell's. I can't say the set menus are any cheaper than normal dining but they do encourage you to branch out from habitual ordering. Floriditas was good about replacing my complimentary wine with something non-alcoholic, even though they hadn't put any thought into what non-alcoholic drink might go well with the set menu.

Nobody does this. They should. Please make it happen, hospo people.

At Duke's, two separate waitstaff tried to give me the white wine and Dr Wheel the apple juice. I have no idea why people would make this assumption. I suggested he looks too young to drink and he suggested I look like a lush. ;-) Is white wine a woman thing? Is the man more likely to be the sober driver? Again, I am baffled. Anyway, he had gnocchi with blue cheese and it was so well made that I couldn't taste the rancid* in it, and could probably have eaten the whole meal. Their set menu was blue cheese gnocchi or Moroccan lamb with coriander so I had the specialty burger instead, which was.. average. I can make better patties myself. However, it was a nice night out in an enjoyable atmosphere with two guys jamming on acoustic guitars, and 5 minutes' walk from home. I think we have one more weekend where we can do this before the food festival's over. Recommendations of where we should try welcome.

* Supertaster. All of the smelly cheeses taste like rancid to me.

Last night we watched Bridesmaids. I'm not sure what to make of it. It passed the Bechdel test which was nice. Some of the moments were genuinely funny but it struck me as cringe humour, US-style. Kind of like Boy, Eagle vs Shark and Flight of the Conchords are cringe humour, Kiwi style. Would I be right? Bits of it made me cringe. I did like Megan though, she was made out of awesome. And I laughed a lot at the expression humour (loves me some slapstick too).

Meanwhile, I've put Mass Effect 2 aside for the time being. I know it's a good game but I'm just not getting into it. Partly because I prefer shooting fireballs to guns and I'm not really into the soldier thing, but partly because I'm still on a DA kick and maybe I just need to get over that. So I'm metagaming the series to create the perfect import for DA3. Don't judge me - it makes a difference right from moral decision one and flying my FREE ALL THE MAGES flag will alter several of the outcomes. Also: fireballs. Shut up.

[edit] Yeah so Happy told me I need more internet GRR. I did not expect Helen Mirren to be the one supplying it. I used to respect her.
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