tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

My IQ just sunk below my shoe size

It seems likely that I have strep throat. I have giant tonsils without having a cold, and the only other symptom I have is lethargy and fuzzy-headedness. I went in to work this morning for a meeting and it was amusing (for everyone else) as I forgot what I was saying half way through a sentence and couldn't string simple sets of words together. Infections in your head suck.

So it takes a doctor to confirm strep, but by the time I drag my carcase up to the uni and get a swab, then it gets labbed and comes back, I'll probably be over it. Meanwhile, work doesn't want to take the risk so they sent me home. On the way I bought a thermometer (and stood there stupidly swiping my card the wrong way round till the shop lady helpfully guided my hand) - seems my temperature is just under normal. I actually feel ok except for the swallowing razor blades and the brain-no-worky. But I'm likely to be home for the rest of the week. I have a remote desktop so I can do work in the cycles when my brain is working, but it'll be Uh.Simple.Stuff I think. *sigh*

There was something else I was going to say but I forgot what it was. Please feel free to remind me.

[edit] Oh wait, I remember. I'm missing circus because of this. I didn't go to acro last night and I don't really want to share my bugs with the handbalancers either (or break my neck) so witness my noble suffering as I stay home for that as well. Fuckity.
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