tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Mah mussles, let me show you them (Part 2)

After yesterday's post about rest vs giving it heaps on the weights to try and get stronger, someone *coffcoff* asked for pictures. They even gave me an example to follow, of the sort of pictures one takes to show off one's muscles. This sounded like a challenge.

So without further ado, I bring you

This is the picture I was given as an example. Note the veins, the bulges, the attitude of exhaustion from having lifted a train or two as part of the warm up..

In order to achieve such a level of veininess, you have to actually do something. Me having just got home from a very non-weightlifting-oriented tutorial about criminology, I felt it necessary to *cough* pump up my muscles, in order to show them off to their best...

Pullups off the door frame! My legs are like that because a) I'm a dork and b) I'm trying to stop the door from closing on me because our house is old and a bit slopey in places. Also, nostalgia - the first time I met Happy and tieke I was doing these in a cocktail dress and elbow-length gloves at a party. Cos I'm that classy.

I believe this is a necessary shot when one's showing off one's buffitude, right?

Check out mah guns!

(does anyone ever actually say that seriously?)

And then there's the all-important Snarling Into The Camera shot because working out makes you all RAWR and GRR and HARDCORE!

As you can see I am taking this photoshoot Very Seriously Indeed. I'm not sure if I look fierce or constipated tbh. But I'm thinking about making this one into an icon becauser RAWR and GRR and HARDCORE! *cough*

After all this psyching up I was ready for the money shot (so to speak). So grabbing a towel and assuming the position - legs as far apart as they'll go, everything flexed while trying to appear somewhat relaxed, keeping a straight face (not).


I have come to the conclusion that I don't acutally have veins. Well I do, but not on days when it's cold and I haven't been shearing any sheep or lifting any trains...

And even though this shot really is a bit wanky, I'm including it because my scar came out really well in it.

My conclusion? I should probably stick to just trying to get stronger and not worry too much about getting pictures of myself flexing. And as I said yesterday, when I'm actually doing something impressive (like a handstand on someone else's hands), then is the time to take show-off photos.

If you didn't think I was a wanker before, you probably do now, eh? ;-) Told you I have no shame.

Also, a challenge. Plz post your own Towel On Head Guy shot. Extra points for looking like you're thinking Deep Philosophical Stuff instead of cracking up like I was.
Tags: extremes silliness, with pictures
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