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Mah mussles, let me not show you them

I like presents. Also, Dr Wheel is awesome. <3

In other news, I bought a Kindle. Last year after expressing an interest in readers I was given a second-hand Kobo by the lovely caycos, which helped me get used to the idea and decide whether I would use one or not. It was fantastic, but I always had trouble with the desktop app that Kobo required being incompatible with something else in my system*, and each time I tried to buy and download a book, I'd have issues. This weekend the issues led to much cussing and still no book and in the end I was all "There has to be an easier way."

There was. It arrived this morning. Within 15 minutes I had it set up, had got a book, it'd been delivered through the Wi-Fis and I could start reading. ROCK! Also yay for having set aside a bit of 'pin money' to be able to actually do this. I consider it a present to myself for doing well in Drug Policy and nearly finishing my degree. Yup. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Meanwhile I passed the Kobo, which works perfectly fine, on to pombagira whose own one had malfunctioned. I love being able to make gadgets do the rounds like that. ;-)

So you know how using a personal trainer is a) a bit wanky and b) supposedly useful in inspiring you to greater heights?

Turns out that works both ways. Apparently DoomBoy is now determined to learn to do a handstand. He's been practicing with his mates. He can already press to handstand against a wall because hello fitness trainer, but his form is worse than mine, flexibility nonexistent and he also suffers from the same difficulty opening his shoulders as I do. Which makes me feel better, and also turns it into something of a competition - who will get there first?

On Tuesday (training day) we started with the same weight I finished on the previous session. So that's 45kg to lift over my head, military press style. Three times. Then another three, and another three and another three and wow I've never seen myself go that shade of purple before. Then the same weight with tricep presses, four more sets of three. Then a thing that I don't know the name for that involves lying on my back with a 12-14kg weight in my hands, and moving it from straight-arms-vertical to straight-arms-horizontal behind my head and back, without moving torso at all. The cool part is he explains which muscles are coming into play and which are supporting and how that will help me be able to push my own weight off the ground in the Future Time. Which makes it easier to take the fact that I can't do it yet.

Also, he told me not to do weights the day before training day, and to give myself two days to recover before doing them afterwards. I'm having some trouble with this, because while I'm lifting what to me is right on the line of what I'm capable of (to the point where I wouldn't try it without a spotter), I'm only doing it a few times. My arms hurt the next day, but I've spent my entire life with hurty arms from overdoing stuff, and one thing you learn shearing sheep is that yeah, it hurts but you just keep going. The next day, and the next day, and the next. So to me, the idea of taking recovery time after straining myself for half an hour feels like wimping out.

Here's where it becomes a dilemma. I have a professional who I pay money to advise me on how to get stronger, telling me to rest. I have a lifetime's experience of just getting on with it and ignoring the pain and achieving my goals while not suffering unduly because of it, telling me to go hard or go home. Yesterday I did a pump class, and upped the weights I've been using, and was fine (OHAI new shade of purple!). But I don't know anything about strength training and resting and how all that works. I feel like I should just keep doing harder and harder stuff, but maybe that's not the right way to do it.

Does anyone know the reasoning behind resting between doing hard stuff in terms of getting stronger? I know, I could ask DoomBoy, but I didn't think to on Tuesday, and there are some very smart and more experienced cookies on here who probably know anyway.

I haven't told him I want to learn Cyr Wheel yet. O.o

This course has a lot of reading. Last night I read about strain theory (which I'm already familiar with), new deviance theory (which is a constructivist theory related to labelling and symbolic interactionism that is very interesting IMO), and Marxist criminology which makes me pull out a big fat yawn and wish that Marx wasn't such a one-trick pony. Yes yes, it's relevant, but OMG Blame Capitalism For Everything Ever is so tedious to keep reading about. Yes Karl, we know. Can you please get out of my theory now?

I guess the bottom line from having now read comparative descriptions of a number of theories is that they are all relevant in their way but they all have drawbacks, and I can see how none gives a definitive explanation for crime, and in many cases more than one theory applied together might be more appropriate to use in analysis - and that really, which theory or combination of theories fits best is going to vary from situation to situation. I think this means I'm not a classicist, eh?

Also, a lot of these theories were developed before women were acknowledged as people, and they are phrased accordingly. Women are almost entirely erased from the discussions - "Classicism assumes that all men are rational actors..." well that's nice for them, what about the women? Etc. Yes I realise they are a product of their time but it grates, and also makes me realise how far we've come. Much of the modern writing I have to read for school doesn't suffer from this problem, which is nice, just saying.

* My desktop is set up for gaming. It's not hugely modded or anything, but it does have some funky drivers and whatnot to help it be optimised for killing dragons and sexing aliens, not for applications that allow you to download DRM-loaded thingies. Pretty much all I use it for these days is gaming and writing essays. Everything else happens on mobile devices or at work.
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