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Some pictures of our holiday and stuffed sheep

Today I am having a day off to recover from our holiday. It was incredibly strenuous. *nod* Actuallly it's mostly to try and get myself back in gear to go to work tomorrow because going from the ultimate in doing nothing to my work overnight is not good for the head, eh? So I took an extra day's leave to potter around the house.

I mean really, there's nothing there. Except Dr Wheel but I don't think they put him in the brochures.

Our cottage was, um.. quirky. Like, My First DIY Project quirky. Things like the shelves being all wobbly and the bathroom sink being crooked (and wobbly), and the toilet being, well.. wobbly. There was also a concrete floor and an insulation shortage, and the touted electric blanket wasn't there. And no spare blankets and on the first morning the heater broke down.

Us being in retreat mode, we weren't keen to go hunting for Mine Hosts to fix this, so we spent our first day in Masterton procuring the necessaries. And visiting the shearing museum. Yes, there's a shearing museum. I was stoked! For those not from NZ, Masterton is the home of the Golden Shears, probably the world's most prestigious shearing competition. Competition shearing is pretty impressive to watch and there are videos on that site, and in the museum.

This is not a painting, it's a full size shearing board populated by mannequins and it's .. a bit special. But not too far from reality, except the rousies are not usually men in dresses with socks down their bras, just saying.

Look at all those handpieces! *squee* This display traced the history of shearing technology and I was a little chuffed to find that it followed the same pattern as the talk I gave at NerdNite - only it missed out the stuff on the wide comb dispute and how people were killed over 1.5cm of extra teeth. I guess because it's a museum and Australians occasionally visit and it's not conducive to the Happy Shearers Together image that the rest of the place evokes (and is evident in most of reality except the 80s).

Anyway, the place is an actual woolshed relocated to the centre of town, and the holding pens at the back are full of displays and stuffed sheep:

They also have a working stand where they obviously do demos but on a rainy Saturday in the middle of winter they weren't doing them. Probably a good thing or I would have got stinky.

There is a beach at Riversdale. It's arty.

And has things washed up on it. This log had been in the ocean long enough to have barnacles:

And they were slowly dying, waving pathetically on their stalks. I was all "Aww!" and Operation Barnacle Rescue swung into action, involving carrying said log back to the ocean.

Dr Wheel wasn't sure whether I'd just stopped an alien invasion or got barnacle juice all over myself which was going to breed in the septic tank when I had a shower and take over the world. Suffice to say he wanted no part of Operation Barnacle Rescue and was on the lookout for giant barnacles on stalks sticking up out of the drains after that.

My, what a large sausage you have!

Proof that it didn't rain the whole time we were there. This was the last morning.

So, um, yeah. Mostly, what happens at the Tuatara stays at the Tuatara. As long as the Tuatara doesn't fall down because it just might. Although, we did forgive it a lot of its sins after we had a go in the spa pool. Yep.

Nope, not the moon. Not a new planet either. It's my lampshade. It worked! I did cave and end up using wallpaper glue, but look! Art! Or something. Now to add the LED which will make it more planety, then make another 5 or so. And now I see it working (that's just over one of the yellow-based lamps in our lounge), I see potential for other forms of art that incorporate this concept.

But first, degree. Right?

Also, I don't think I'll be able to backscroll fully so if there's something I missed please let me know.
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