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Chip Foose needs new marketing people.

Some of you may remember that we have gnomes in our walls that tap on the downpipe every time someone upstairs has a shower. After discovering that it wasn't actually a leak that would cause our bedroom floor to disintegrate and drop us unceremoniously into Whitireia's computer room downstairs, we set our minds to working out how to minimise the noise. Here's what we came up with:

1. Insulate the wall between the pipe and our room.
2. Flush out the drains in case it's some kind of buildup in the pipe that's causing the drip.
3. Insulate the cavity around the pipe to muffle the noise as much as possible.

Happy recommended some stuff called Dynamat for Step 1. Dynamat is sheet sound insulation for cars, designed to keep road noise out and dubstep in. Apparently it's the goodies, so I bought some. Just enough to cover the area around the pipe. I have no doubt it'll do an awesome job but the packaging it comes in is.. well, a bit special.

I am not sure if Chip designed his own packaging but I was reading it on the way home and it was dead entertaining. First we have this:

Overhaulin' your ride! Overhaulin!

To which I went "Who the hell is Chip Foose?" As you would. Turns out it's this guy:

I'm not sure if his forehead actually does produce pink words when he's angry, but it's a nice touch, I thought, to make sure we know what that expression denotes. You know, in case he was just constipated or something.

It also turns out that Chip Foose is a dude who designs stuff for cars and also the host of a TV show called Overhaulin' that is about fixing up cars and no doubt spending more money on them than my house is worth. So that explains that mystery.

But the best bit was this graph, intended to show how awesome Dynamat is compared with its competitors:

SILENT ENERGY! Well I'm sold. "But what do those numbers at the bottom mean, Tats? What does this graph actually tell us?" I hear you ask. That's a very good question. I have no idea. In case you have trouble reading the caption, it says:

"Data based on independent third party laboratory testing of Dynamat Xtreme versus currently available products in the marketplace. For further information, please visit www.dynamat.com/imitators."

So I did, because I needed to know what the numbers meant so I could appear all boffiny and explain it to you. Here is what I found:

*cough* I guess we'll never know.

Anyway, I'm told Dynamat really is a good product for this job even though we aren't sticking it in our car. Incidentally, it's really heavy for its size so if you do stick it in your car to the extent that Chip says you should, expect to replace your shock absorbers too. Maybe it's how all the boyracers get that 'lowered' look..

So now we just have to figure out how to put it in. The task is complicated by a false floor that's been put in under the bath which makes access to the offending spot tricky. I'm not convinced it's impossible, but I am going to have to climb through that hole in the wall (and yes, it'll have to be me because Dr Wheel = normal sized person, me = compact sized person) and have a proper look around in there to see if it's possible. Yes Happy, I'll take my phone so if I don't come out, the rescue squad can find me.

If that doesn't work, the stuff will have to go on the outside, between the wall and the bookshelf we plan to put there. Question for those wot know about sound stuff: would it be worth stuffing the cavity around the pipe with normal sound insulation? Like, the fluffy stuff? I'm not sure of the value of this, and it's expensive so if it won't help, we'd rather not do it.

Countdown to YAY HOLIDAY! 2 days. We will be going here. Yep, there's nothing there, that's kind of the point. There's also no cellphone coverage or internet so it'll be like a proper retreat. I'm very excited! ;-D
Tags: diy tats strikes again, oh look a graph!, who the hell is chip foose?
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