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In which I post embarrassing photos

Yesterday was one of those days where stuff just went really well. Three of the books I ordered for my library arrived, I got my mark for Drugs216 and aced it, I discovered that I can graduate with a double major without doing any extra courses (added bonus - got signed up for Crim Theory 316 and ordered textbooks/notes as well), a project that's been a thorn in my side for 2 years at work finally wrapped up with a positive conclusion and my boss came and thanked me personally for sticking with it. FemShep finally has control of her team and is kicking geth arse (do geth actually have arses?), the sticky ball is coming together better than expected, and the YoT has made himself my slave for the week because of my generosity with a certain video game sale - you bet I'm making the most of it.

Mostly I try to be positive about stuff but yesterday went exceptionally well and I wanted to record that. Yes I know most of that is fruition from consistent effort previously, but still. It's nice to get a bunch of fruition all at once, eh?

Oh, also, my experimental couscous and mushroom with roasted beef steak, courgette and tomato thing that I made for dinner was not only edible but recommended by the menfolk. Would experiment again.

Most of you know I've been doing circus classes. These have highlighted to me just how not-flexible I really am, after a lifetime of lifting heavy things and bending over sheeps' arses. So I'm setting about remedying that. Now, I have a friend on here, thatgirljj, who is not only circusy, but also MegaFlexible. Like, she gets to do contortion classes, whereas the contortion people look at me and shake their heads sadly. Anyway, she is also working on becoming more flexible, and she suggested before and after pictures. Here are my before ones:

That's about 90 degrees, right? And I can put my elbows on the ground in this position. It feels a lot wider but there you go.

Again, the form is fucking awful and my knees insist on flexing just a little bit. However, this is still a vast improvement on where I was before I started.

I would like to be able to tell you those are skulls, but actually they're poppies. Sorry about the complete lack of class. I've never claimed to be a lady. Anyway, as you can see there's a fair way to go before I'm doing anything that even resembles the splits. My aim is to be able to do them this year. Do you think I have any hope?

Also, I have no clue what other stretches I should be trying to do. If I get desperate I will take on Greer's Class of Agonising Pain, but that costs and I'm already painfully aware of how much this little adventure is costing me. However, I'll be the muscliest (and potentially the most bendy if tieke isn't there) Granny in the rest home when I'm 90, so I guess that's something.

So, um, yeah. There it is for the world to see and smirk at. Me in my undies not bending very far. Hopefully by Christmas I'll be able to show you me in my undies bending further.

Meanwhile, I've managed to source the tools I need to take on the next skill I want to learn - lock picking. Not because I want to break into anyone's house, just because I want to be able to do it (this is also why I learned to shear a sheep). I had a go the other night and discovered that even though I knew nothing about how locks work when I started, I was able to work out what was in there by feel and then visualise it in my head, then methodically figure out how to open it with no instructions. It took about 15 minutes the first time but I was able to repeat it several times, and now I think I'd like the challenge of doing more .. challenging ones. Mmmm, kinaesthetic skills.

Countdown to OMG HOLIDAY! - 4 days. *fidget*
Tags: gotta love the good days, not-bendy wendy, ph3ar my 3d visualisation skills
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