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Why German is awesome, and other tales

First, a win. Remember this? In which I took Mighty Ape to task for assuming that the reader (and thus the gamer) would be a man? They fixed it. Which I believe now means I have to buy Diablo III off them. What a shame! ;-D

Last night's class was bench pressing. This doesn't mean lying on your back and pressing barbells. Instead it means my partner and I going from both on our feet to him pressing me in a standing position. I should say that he's already pressed me in shoulder stand/cathedral position, and also while I stand on his hands, but this one's a new one. And the best bit is that apart from the jumping to get up there all I have to do is make like a plank. And the drops are fun. This partner thing is growing on me.

You know how German is sort of like lego-language (as described to me by the inimitable Jan) in that you can make up new words by stringing words together, and that us native English speakers believe this is why German is the language that has all the words for emotions that you need a whole paragraph to describe in English?*

You know, like schadenfreude?

Well it turns out that the word that describes when you come up with a witty retort when it's too late to deliver it, is actually French: L'esprit de l'escalier, which means 'staircase wit'. OK that's actually three words (or possibly more, I don't really know French grammar and how it works).

This is your cue to tell me that actually, there's a word for that in German too, and it's a single, snappy word that everyone else knows except me.


So next term I've decided to do the beginner hand balancing at the circus hub, to try and get my handstands properly sorted. And I might carry on with the acro as well because I'm enjoying it so much but I'll take that one under advisement from Mark because he'll know whether it's worth it or whether it'll be just going over the same material again, and possibly have some alternative ideas.

I do like having an evening class once a week that's physically active, but I'm not sure how I'd cope with two, especially two nights in a row. Last night when I got home I was so high on endorphins that I don't really even remember eating before bed. This might be because Tuesday's also PT day and yesterday Aaron had a damn good go at making me throw up. On the upside, pretty soon I reckon I'll be able to row 2500m in 10 minutes**.

I am going to be the fittest granny in the rest home, oh hell yes.

* There's probably a German word for that.
** I have no idea if this is good, but it sounds good to me.

Finally, another win. A modified version of my rant about credit checks from yesterday has gone up on the blog at NZ Council for Civil Liberties as a guest post. Naturally I'm now thinking of things I could have added to it, like how if you're a government and you want a flexible workforce (read: one you can do whatever you want to without repercussion), the best way to do that is to weed out those who would object by allowing employers to screen folks who won't allow invasive checks at interview time. But hey, for my first bit of political soapboxing outside of LJ, I'm pretty happy with it.

Now to get some of my drug rants published in effective places.
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