tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Today you don't get a cut

And in this morning's instalment of Humourless Feminist, I bring you the Mistress of Pain socks, from Mighty Ape.

"What's wrong with Mistress of Pain socks?" I hear you ask.

Well, nothing. It's the advertising for them. "We are all ready to dive back into Tristram, but you can do yourself a kindness this season by giving your significant other a touch of the Mistress of Pain. With an elegant design taken directly from Cydaea herself, the Mistress of Pain Socks are sure to give your favorite someone a good taste of Sanctuary while we patiently await what’s to come. And you never know, it just might be the gift that keeps on giving."

Uh.. um... alrighty then! So anyway, to cut a long rant short, here's the feedback I sent them.

"If I gave my SO the Mistress of Pain socks, his leg hair would poke through and it would be doing nobody a kindness. Just saying.

Women game too you know, and this kind of ad that assumes we don't really puts me off using your site even though you're the best online service in NZ. I'm now trying to decide whether to buy Diablo 3 here or in a shop. Please stop assuming all gamers are men, there's no excuse for it these days."

Because really, Mighty Ape, WTF? And that's without touching the oblique reference that suggests the gift of socks might result in sex. Because, you never know, it might. I shall have to ask my SO if giving him Mistress of Pain socks will get me laid, eh?

Like I said, there's no shortage of this stuff out there. Most days I can ignore it, some days I can't. But every day I make decisions about whether to speak up or not, knowing full well that it's likely to be either futile or bring negative responses my way. Taking bets on which one this is.

[UPDATE] Mighty Ape, in the form of a woman named Moana, got back to me. She apparently gets where I'm coming from and my request (actually I phrased it as a dare) that they attempt to write copy that doesn't assume the reader is a man has been passed on to the site editor. I await developments..

Anyway, I like Tuesdays. At least, at the moment I do.

Tuesday is acro day, and because it's also a gym day and if I choose to it can be tutorial day as well (with the hike up to the university that entails), it's the day of the week where I get the most incidental exercise. This means the endorphin rush and the feeling tired and satisfied in the evening, and waking up the next morning with exquisitely sore parts. Today it's my shoulders. This is a combination of having to do a fitness test that involved a bunch of pushups, and acro being mostly about bucketing. At least, that's what they call it. I can't find the name for it on the internet - anyway, it requires me to support myself a lot off my shoulders and they are feeling it today, which is nice.

After 4 sessions I feel as if I'm starting to get good enough at some of this stuff to enjoy it instead of just struggling, and now I want to do it more, like practice between classes. Hmm.. didn't expect that. I thought partner stuff wouldn't be my cup of tea but I'm kind of liking the interaction and the challenges that go with working with someone else's body.

And tonight, hopefully I'll get to find out what's up with my neck/shoulder. It's weird, it hurts constantly and sometimes sends bands of pain up the back of my neck into my head, yet it's not limiting any of my movement or use - it doesn't hurt any more when I'm balancing on my hands than it does when I'm sitting in my chair reading a book. Knowing what it is and how to make it stop will be nice though.

The YoT supposedly gets home today. He seems to think he will, which suggests he's already back in Auckland. He said his trip was 'disappointing'. ;-/
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