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Thor's hammer is totally a euphemism

Last night we saw The Avengers in a theatre with 9 or so other people. Either Monday night's not a popular movie night, or this movie is already past its peak. Before I get to the movie, a couple of things about the theatre:

1. Is pre-movie shorts the place where adverts too obscure for TV go to die?

2. I reckon they should put a vibratey thing in all the seats, then they wouldn't have to turn the volume up so bloody loud.

Anyway, on to the movie.

OK, to describe this movie in short - silly fun, lots of 'splosions, great one-liners, simple plotline in the same way Avatar had a simple plotline - you know whose side you're supposed to be on, like. Gratuitous fanservice everywhere. Hulk rocks. Failed the Bechdel test. I enjoyed it.

However, I could have done without Loki calling the Black Widow a whinging cunt, eh? Especially after last Friday's post. And I really really could have done without finding out Joss Whedon, who I have admired in the past for producing media I enjoy that includes kickarse female characters, bragged about it as the greatest achievement of the film:

RDA: What do you feel is the greatest achievement of "the Avengers"?

JW: Getting "mewling quim" out there to the masses. Also, Hulk.

I know he was probably joking* and I agree with him about Hulk, but really Joss? Was that absolutely necessary? You just gave 'the masses' another way of calling me a cunt and thinking it's clever. *unimpressed* Also, no thanks for making the only gender-based insult in the movie the one aimed at a woman.

Dr Wheel said the movie left him feeling strangely unsatisfied, but he says what he enjoyed about Marvel as a kid was the storylines, and this movie was kind of short on character development - it was more about getting the superheroes together and seeing what happens, which is as mentioned before, silly fun with lots of 'splosions and gratuitous fanservice. I, who have never been a reader of Marvel, enjoyed it for what it was because I had no expectations going in and so was happy with the generous helping of sillyfunnycoolshinysexy. This movie has a lot going for it.

Also, I'm really glad that movie makers have gotten over making A Thing out of 3D in their movies.

* "It was just a joke" is such a common way of attempting to silence objections to insults. Cue eyerolling from anyone who's ever been the butt of one of these 'jokes'.

So yeah. Another of those movies that is great fun but that required a conscious choice on my part to enjoy it despite rather than not enjoy it because. It was easier with this one than with most other movies of its ilk. Also, Loki's hot.

In other news, last night I discovered that leftover corn chips from Sunday's nacho night, whizzed up in the whizzer with some smoked paprika and other yummies, makes a fairly decent crumb coating for bits o'lamb on Monday night. Win!

Today I am making an appointment to see an osteopath. This pain in my neck has been ongoing for several weeks and isn't getting better. I suspect it comes from my shoulder, and it's time to do something about it. The pain is making me cranky. *gruntles*
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