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Today's done list

* Faithless tickets purchased (w00t!). I will be jumping up and down front row centre. (If I get there first)

* Climbing climbed, despite loudly protesting lats, triceps, biceps, and random other ceps. I feel better for having done it and also proud cos if you do it when it hurts you are tough.

* Supersize Me watched. Very interesting. Worth seeing. Not about to run off and be a vegan though. Meat! Give me meat!

* Socializing done. Very pleasant evening at Sean's. Good company, laughs, musical fruit and Manu Chao. Mucho Americans, one pretty Australian. Kiwis and non-smokers were outnumbered. Horse riding next weekend, open invite to those who've expressed interest in the past... come! You know you'll enjoy it!

* Prediction: There will be Sore Heads in the morning.

* Question to ask of those wot know stuff: Why do we have chins? We are the only animal that does..
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