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OK so 41 people replied to yesterday's poll. Of those, 18 were shower-ers, 16 shower more than they bathe, 2 are about 50/50, 4 did something else (primarily using a bath for a purpose other than washing themself) and only one was an exclusive bather. The implication here is that showering is the preferred washing method of the vast majority of respondents - 83%, in fact.

However, in the other question, 16 would pay more for a house with a bath, 11 said not having a bath would be a dealbreaker, 8 couldn't care less (I was one of these) and only 4 would prefer a house with no bath and a better shower. The implication here is that the majority would prefer their house to have a bath in it - 69%, in fact.

From this I can conclude that while most people prefer to shower, the idea of not having a bath available to use if one feels like it is offputting, and most people would like to have a bath in their house whether they use it or not.


Our bathroom is tiny and not pretty - it has no windows, and at the moment contains a shower over small-but-full-size bath, a small vanity, and a toilet. It's on the list of Things To Do Up, and since the paint on the wall is starting to peel and the whole thing was obviously done on the cheap, it'll probably end up reasonably high on the priority list.

Consequently, I've been looking at the space and going "What to do, what to do?"

Obviously, the toilet could come out - instantly more room! But it's still a tiny space, and it'd be nice to have a bigger vanity for toothbrushes and whatnot to go on. But what about the shower/bath arrangement?

Y'see, I'm a showerer. I have had maybe 2 baths in the last 5 years - I've always lived in houses with decent baths but I just don't use them. I can't be arsed with the effort it takes to get the water just right and keep it that way, and to me, a 'good long soak' is time I could spend doing something I actually find relaxing, that takes way less effort to set up.

But I loves me some luxury. Give me a shower with more than one head, and adjustable from 'needles' to 'dropping a bucket of warm water on you' and I'm in heaven.

If it were just me and I were living here forever, there'd be no question - I'd rip out the bath, put in a deep-sink vanity that could double as a laundry sink (now there's something I've missed having in my last two houses), and go nuts on the Super Shower Of Doom.

But it isn't just me, and one day we will probably sell this place - and I had an inkling that my complete indifference to bathing was not representative of the population. I wanted to know how other people felt about this, and my inkling was right - it seem that if we did Wot Tats Wants and dispensed with the bath in favour of a fantastic shower, when selling time came it'd cause a lot of people to pass it up.


So now that's crossed off the list, which helps a lot in deciding what to do. We have to have a bath of some description. I still want the fantastic shower, but it has to accommodate future bathers as well. So now we need a fantastic shower over a better bath than what we have, and I can kiss goodbye to my dream of having a walk-in shower big enough for two with extra heads.

Ah well.
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