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Inspire me, world. Or give me a million dollars and a pony. Either is fine.

Did you know that when you use beef it's a cottage pie and when you use mutton it's a shepherd's pie? I didn't. I had some vague idea that it was a geographical difference, but Dr Wheel has this book called What to Cook and How to Cook It that has all sorts of cool info in it as well as tasty tasty recipes, including this one. Of course the question then becomes, what do you call it if you make it with lentils? Hippie pie? Garden shed pie?

I am blown away by how much I keep hearing about the second round of Titanic. It wasn't that good the first time guys!

It's autumn.

This weekend I finally admitted it and gave up on our tomatoes. We got precisely four off them - although from what I understand everyone had the same problem this year. The season was late and while the plants had heaps of tomatoes on them, they didn't ripen because it was too cold, instead going a weird dark red, almost purple colour and rotting on the vine. So I pulled them out and have replaced them with bulbs in the hope that this spring we'll get riotous colour on the balcony. I also gave up on trying to grow basil - I am going to try for an indoor plant but we'll see. The thyme, oregano, dill, chives and tarragon are doing ok. The mint got eaten by caterpillars then attacked by aphids, but when I went to pull it out it was suckering so I'm leaving it there and hoping the next round will survive. I mean seriously, mint is the sort of thing you grow in pots because otherwise it takes over - unless it's on our balcony.

I have revised my visions of lush growth and bountiful harvest from a beautiful and colourful balcony garden, instead going for the survival of the fittest. By a process of elimination, I'll get there eventually but bloody hell it does my head in to lose so many plants to various lurgies. I've never had this much trouble growing stuff before. The exception being the frangipani which seems to love being on the balcony. FRANGIPANI UR A TROPICAL PLANT AND THE BALCONY IS SHADY AND COLD WTF?

I also pruned and rearranged the downstairs plants around the door:

Now I want more plants. These ones are not doing as well as they did at my old house, so I've moved them further out from under the overhang in the hope that they'll get more light out there. I guess we'll see how we go. Maybe I could add more cyclamen and ferns since they don't need so much light.

I also made another silly tutu and tried it on with the backless unitard thing I made as an experiment to see if I could make something that showed my scar reasonably well:

This has been the best result so far. I've also considered doing something with wrapping/draping/tying of a stretch fabric, but it's quite hard to cover the bits you need to cover while leaving that much back exposed, and still have it fit right. However, progress is being made. And I added silly hair because silly hair + silly tutu = fun to play with.

Meanwhile, I feel as if I've been antisocial lately. I've missed two parties that I really should have gone to because I just couldn't muster and I'm trying to work out what's up with that. I fear I am becoming complacent. Then I ask myself, is there anything wrong with enjoying having a quiet life? I think the problem is I want everything, quiet and riotous at the same time. And right now I'm going through a phase of being somewhat uninspired by what's going on externally. But this is unsustainable and I need to start getting out and about more. I just feel like 'out and about' doesn't have a lot to offer, which makes it hard to muster, you know?

Hi, I am Tats' pointless angst, I'll be here all week, try the fish.
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