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I did pushups in the snow!

Because I want to be just like thirstygirl. I did 25 real ones and about 374 ones to get myself back up after faceplanting, buttplanting and otherwise demonstrating that it's been a year since I was on a snowboard. I ache all over, except the limited bits that got arnica applied. But what an excellent day, awesome weather, tons of fresh powder, no queues, unbelievably well-behaved students. The van blew a head gasket on the way up, but that's not an issue when it's a leased one. You make one phone call and they bring you a new one. Glad it happened in Otaki and not Taihape though.

My interview went pretty well, only a couple of "Urk!" questions, and the salary is more than I thought. Three-person panel interviews are hard when you're sitting at a small table. I felt like my head was on a swivel by the end of it.. I find out end of next week. *crosses everything*

Today there was much resting of aching bits, getting back of my car, effusive greetings from First and scoring of some cool library books. "Unmentionable Subjects - A Portrait Of Reality" is particularly appealing. And I met someone else who didn't cringe away from my flaking-falling-apart-ness. Nice. ;-) It's nearly finished now and is looking all scarry and pink. I'll post a pic when it's done.

And and and.. Faithless are coming! *wets self with excitement*
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