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Seriously large offspring is seriously large

In school the Youth of Today is currently studying manipulation of data and statistics. To get a set of data to work with, they decided to look at ape factor among his class. This involves measuring both height and arm span. And this is how we discovered that he has now reached 199cm - for those in Imperial Land, that's just under half an inch shy of 6 foot 6. If he grows any more he'll have to duck under doorways. He also has a positive ape factor by about 3cm.

It's weird, once he got past about 6'3", I stopped noticing him getting taller. He's just this giant mass that fills whatever space he's in, that I have to crane my neck to look at. He's already commenting on how many people introduce themselves to him by telling him how tall he is - he's all "Really? Oh man, this changes EVERYTHING!" Facetiousness runs in our family, apparently.

Oh, I finished the dress.

Ta DA!

Because flamenco dresses are supposed to be fitting and because the Folkwear patterns are a bit overgenerous, I ended up putting a lace in the back because even with the inch and a half I took off the pattern it was still a little large. However, I quite like the contrast breaking up the expanse of purple. There are also two loops on the back which will have corresponding buttons on the bottom tier so the back can be pinned up, after which the whole thing will hang just below the knee and out of the dirt. Also, many thanks to nessaneko for the loan of her dummy. ;-D

There's just a small amount of accessorising to do and then it's finished. Part of me wants to sell it and part of me wants to keep it and swan around Kiwiburn in it, after which it'd probably be trashed. Anyway, I now have the technique for creating multiple tiers of ruffles down, and my next project will be something I made up instead of something someone else made up. When I've

a) Mustered the enthusiasm for working with clothes that take 20m of fabric again
b) Finished the curtain for the storage space Dr Wheel made
c) Made myself a winter jacket and some skirts
d) Made the Green Fairy Thing

Lalala my creative urges, they don't happen by half.

OK, to the vegie! People who know about stuff, can you tell me, what the hell is this?

I bought it at the vegie market, the lady said it's used in soups and stir fries and I thought "Hey, let's try something new!", but I didn't catch the name. I like to research new things to find out how best to use them but without a name I've no idea where to start. A bit of the raw leaf tastes sort of like grass, but that's all I can tell you. However, I'm sure someone on here knows what it is.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night we went to see The Hunger Games. Not gonna do spoilers, but I do reckon the costumers for the city parts of this movie were inspired by The Apple. Seriously, go look it up.

Also, today is boobsquash day. Calooh! Callay! Wish me luck.
Tags: mystery vegetables, sewing my finger!, standing in cow shit
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