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Streaming TV? In New Zealand? Really?

Last night's sewing session did not go well, and I only have myself to blame. Sewing the dress together went pretty well, but because I'm doing two layers I completely messed up the sleeves where you sew the little ruffles in. The ruffles themselves were fine but when I went to turn it all the right way out it turned into a giant tangled mess because I'd made some assumptions based on it being a single layer instead of double. I ended up unpicking all the side seams while turning the air blue with my poetic mutterings. 3/4 hour later it was sitting on the table, all sorted and ready to go again, but *gnng* I hate when I make silly mistakes. Especially ones involving basic physics. *sigh*

One day I will make something that involves no swearing. And then I'll probably give it up and go do something harder.

I kid you not. Someone has been paying attention to the clamouring from folks here for legal access to media online, and thus Quickflix was born.

I have not checked this out yet having only found out about it this morning. However, I'm pleased to see that my ISP (Orcon) has zero-rated it - this means that it doesn't count towards my monthly cap if I use Quickflix. Orcon's pretty good for making these sorts of arrangements with various providers - I believe they have a similar one with Bioware and Steam - but so far other ISPs have not followed suit, which means that in the CAPital of CAPland, watching streaming TV will still eat your monthly bandwidth.

Apparently it also suffers from lack of content, like everything else in this country. But at the bottom of the article it hits the nail on the head as to why. In short, our mainstream TV providers have the rights to media sewn up. This is why I am not able to buy Supernatural from Amazon till it's finished screening on BlahBlah* TV here. Also, the market is not regulated and our ICT Minister says she doesn't see why it's necessary.

It's necessary, Amy, because this is the only country that doesn't have a public broadcaster, all of our broadcasting services are expected to turn a profit, and in a tiny country with a limited audience forcing freemarket competition creates a situation where it's easy for one or two to form a monopoly and sew up the rights so nobody else can get a look in. But even then they don't make enough money to afford what the media distributors want for current shows, so kiwis as a whole miss out as broadcasters a) pay peanuts for less current media and b) make sure nobody else can get it. A bit of government help in the form of regulation and funding would go a long way.

And that's as likely to happen as it is for Paula Bennett to wake up one morning and realise what a hypocrite she is. Meanwhile, the only way to ensure that Quickflix or whatever evolves to the point where it's able to compete for rights to decent media is to support it. I'm going to have a look tonight. Apparently it has DRM which is very offputting though.

*BlahBlah TV is the name I've given to the generic soap-and-reality-shows mishmashed with ADS THAT SHOUT AT YOU EVERY 10 MINUTES that is every TV station in this country.

Today I get my teeth cleaned. I hate having my teeth cleaned, and I've taken the afternoon off work to get over it because ow. I will use the time to finish my assignment so I can have three days free of overhanging academic requirements before the next one lands on me. And then there will be MASS EFFECT! (1, because I'm that cutting edge)
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