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So drug policy is my field of expertise, right? I know more about it than a lot of politicians do - although I know a lot less about it than the people I consider to be the real experts. I've been having an ongoing internet discussion over the last couple of days about LSD, in which the usual stuff has been said - you know, "Makes you think you can fly", "Slowly messes up your head" etc. Citations have been asked for and provided, refuted, debunked or acknowledged. Usual stuff.

My point has been that these blanket assumptions need to be picked up and criticised because they make it much more difficult to discuss drug use and its risks rationally, and the discourse of drugs is particularly prone to them. And it got through. This has been acknowledged and that's awesome. I love it when people get it.

Except, in their acknowledgement, they called me "Sir."

I fucking hate that. I've already been pedantic enough to pick apart language to make a point, I've talked this person to a more critical perspective, and I'd like to leave it there - not jump in and correct them yet again over something new that has nothing to do with the discussion. I feel like doing that would make me a bit of a dick.

But fuck it irritates me that knowing my stuff makes people assume I'm male.
Tags: i had a vagina, last time i checked
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