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Sometimes it really is all about food

You may have noticed that yesterday was a day for staying indoors. It wasn't actually that cold but it rained heavily all day, and apart from the emergency mission to the vegie market we stayed indoors all day.

I wanted to do a fancy dinner for Dr Wheel's last night here and as mentioned this involved pre-preparing side dishes.

And of course it's not real unless you put it on the internet so here goes.

First, it said you need pita bread, and the recipe for that was the same as the recipe for wholemeal loaf, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. But but but.. 20 minutes kneading WTF? So medieval bakers had big brawny arms then?

Anyway, while that was rising I made chocolate chips and gingernuts just because:

The bread recipe called for seeds and it just happened that we had some chia seeds so that's what's in them. I fully expect to have (actually useful) superpowers by tonight.

Next up was the Russian fudge that failed at Christmas time (it turned into Russian paste) and has been sitting in the freezer since then. I boiled it for another 20 minutes and now we have 5 dozen pieces of fudge in the fridge. If you want some of this, let me know mmk?

Somewhere in there I also made Indeed The Hot Sauce - which is probably mild by most folks' standards but I'm not a big fan of spicy so it's only a little bit hot. And and and vegies! And couscous with tarragon!

That's the sauce in the middle, served with a bone spoon my Mum made. We all sat down like proper civilised people and stuffed our faces. I was surprised how well this combination went together, especially wholemeal pita with chili sauce and couscous - but really, I'm no expert at this so yay for it working? Also, since it's summer the soupiness of the vegie thing would normally be a bit out of place, but yesterday it thought it was winter so it was a good fit. There were also heaps of leftovers for later soups and things (or for disappearing into the Youth of Today between meals, so it seems).

Anyway, check out my fancy vegetarian thingy with sides that worked and tasted good and stuff!

Today Dr Wheel flies back to Hong Kong - but only for three weeks which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Our house is nicer with him in it, and I'm already looking forward to when it's not a temporary thing.

And this week, NZ Post is going to deliver my Filament and my Over Sea, Under Stone which should both have arrived before Christmas. You hear me, NZ Post?
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