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Pictures of shelves and fruit for your enjoyment

Our house is made of concrete pillars and high ceilings and old school conversions from things that weren't apartments. Consequently it has weird little gaps in places. It also lacks storage. This gap at the bottom of the stairs where a concrete pillar was not quite in the right place to be flush with the wall, was screaming to be used for something.

Dr Wheel suggested it might be a good spot for his CD collection or for spare books or 'curiosities' (we haven't worked out quite what those are yet). So after a measuring session and a visit to Bunnings, we were ready to start. As you can see, our workshop is tidy and well-appointed:

Actually as you might have guessed, this isn't a workshop but the public space outside the apartment. It's open to the air and made to look kind of like a street, and has handy planter boxes that work as benches. Here Dr Wheel is measuring the shelf spaces.

And here he's turning the cut, sanded and drilled pine boards into mahogany ones in another part of the 'workshop'. I did do some of the work, honest. But he's more photogenic than me.

OMG it fits! This is impressive considering the gap is not a standard or even shape, but widens toward the top. The next step was to cut individual shelves and number them, since we couldn't just cut them all the same size. These were then sanded and stained and last night when they were dry at 11pm we put them in.

I had to stand outside to take this picture. There's a gap at the top just the right size for the Bad Robot, and we can remove shelves if the CDs don't fill the whole thing.

We are pleased with ourselves and may have spent some time this morning admiring our handiwork.

Also this morning, it is hosing down like, build an ark kind of hosing. So of course off I went to the market, and now our fruit and vegies are drying on towels all over the lounge. Witness Nature's Bounty:

Now I'm going to attempt to make a recipe out of a recipe book. The thing itself looks simple (vegetarian couscous) but it says to serve it with things that require effort. But, I'm all for learning how to make sauces and sides, so damn it I'll give it a go.

Also, my blogging may be a bit weirdly timed over the next three weeks because the crash block course starts tomorrow and I've no idea how much of my time that'll eat. Be good without me, mmk?
Tags: check out my fruit!, diy tats strikes again, dr wheel is beautiful
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