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Wot I did on my holiday by Tats

I remembered where the saw and T-square are - they are in the prize-winning Creepy Santa display we made at work. I will be able to get at them tomorrow, when I go back to work. Nice to know the are still around, frustrating to know they aren't accessible while I'm still on holiday. ;-/

So I didn't take many photos while in Sydney but here are some anyway:

Fruit bats in the botanic gardens.

These guys were at the Sydney aquarium. They remind me of muppets. Photo courtesy of ferrouswheel. Also at the aquarium were sharks, dugongs and platypuses. Sadly the platypuses were having their afternoon nap so what we saw was a lump in the bushes that might have been them. *sadface*

The Manly ferry, cutting its way to Circular Quay. Waiting now for the purists to tell me it's not the Manly ferry - I say please give me this, I've waited since 1983 to get this picture. Oh yeah, there's some iconic building in there too.

Speaking of Circular Quay, while we were there Animistix were doing a live thing and selling CDs so I bought one. I really like the combination of didjeridu with electronic basslines. I think the album will work best in a mix with other ambient style music rather than as an album to listen to on its own because it gets a bit samey but as far as Australian souvenirs go, that's pretty awesome.

This isn't from our holiday, it's from the Boxing Day picnic in Aro Park, but I like it lots.

The Australians take safety really seriously.

New Year's Eve was spent at this party, held in a bowling club complete with pokies. To my festival/rave-jaded eye it was a bit like partying down at the RSA but it was a lovely party, sold out to very friendly people and while the music wasn't exactly to my taste, I danced my arse off and had a great time with wonderful friends (including the ever-energetic thirstygirl), and came away with a good impression of the Sydney dance scene.

This is probably aided by the fact that we went nowhere near the waterfront, eh?

I'm glad I went to Sydney. I'd quite like to visit Melbourne too - I'm told it's more like Wellington.

Today I have to shear 9 sheep. I'm kind of sore after going to the gym yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks, but the shearing will make the pain go away, right? Right?
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