tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Smelly teenage birds ftl

Today is the solstice, the longest day of the year, and also tieke's birthday. Happy Birthday! I hope the next year is everything you hope it will be, and filled with non-allergenic kittens. Also, I get a kick out of knowing that two of my close-people were born on the solstices (the YoT was born on winter solstice).

Today is also my last day of work. We're off home at lunch time. Tomorrow I will wake up and be all HAHA I DON'T HAVE TO GET UP IF I DON'T WANT TO and then I will get up. But it will be because I want to. This year I am so ready for a holiday. Work has been tough and the result of the election means it'll just get tougher. I doubt my job is in danger but I have been pushing shit uphill with a teaspoon and the government would like to swap my teaspoon for a toothpick and take away my rubber gloves. Yay. So yeah, holiday.

Meanwhile, the starlings are fledging. There's a nest with three babies just across the roof from where I am, and said babies can't fly very far yet, so guess where they fly? Yeah, right to my balcony. And then they scratch around in my pot plants. I got home yesterday and two of the buggers had scratched up my marigolds and there was dirt and bird shit all over the balcony. It's like having bloody chickens. So, given that I can't wring their necks and eat them like I did with the chickens when I couldn't keep them out of my garden, what do you suggest I do to save my plants from the little fuckers?

I am probably not allowed to use one of these eh:

Maybe hanging up tinsel or something? I'm pretty sure they'll be off to have their own lives soon when their parents get sick of them hanging out on the couch playing xBox and eating all the food, and I'd like to encourage that by making my balcony less inviting to them. Yes I really am going HEY YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN, city styles.

Exciting things in the next week: 2 days till Dr Wheel Day, 3 days till Presents and Food Day, 5 days till Jodi Day. *squee* And last night I got me a dose of dreadbeard which always gives my brain something to chew on. I am glad you went and had adventures, Bunny, but I'm also glad you came back. ;-)
Tags: last day of work squee squee squee
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