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Welcome to the circus of value!

OK so I'm not sure how crawlers work exactly or how much user behaviour is tracked on the internet these days, but I've noticed in the last year that you know those ads that pop up saying "Use this weird old trick to... *insert thing here* in less than 30 days"? Mine all used to tell me how to lose my belly. They were always pictures of shrinking women - even though I know male-targeted ones exist, I didn't usually get them. But now? All of a sudden I'm getting told about some grandma who doctors hate because she's used the weird old trick to get rid of her wrinkles.

Now, I could go into a rant about the cultivation of insecurity based in body size or age. I could probably do reasonably well at ranting on snake oil as well. But what I'm really interested in is whether other people are getting You're A Hideous Old Hag, or are they still getting You're A Hippopotamus? And before you jump in all smug and link me to various adblockers, I know of their existence and how to use them, mmk? Work. IE8. Usual shit. STFU mmk? I'd just like to know, from those who like me see these things occasionally, what you're seeing and whether it's changed for you lately.

It vomits all over our office. This is, apparently, Santa's workshop.

Santa is a little.. evil.

I just happened to have a male mannequin in my space (known around the office as The Hoff) but he's headless so we had to invent a head for him. Sadly, the mask shop only had Evil Nixon or Jason Hockey Mask. This was actually the more cuddly of the two.

We are apparently elves:

Since I work in development, I'm supposed to be the Mad Scientist Elf. How to portray this in the context of making toys?


So, um, the moral of the story is, don't let Tats loose on your office Christmas decorating or you'll get Evil Santa's Workshop complete with elf union signs and soft toys going through a mincer. I don't know if the others will let me be part of it next year but I bet we get a prize!

Last night I went to my first bodycorp meeting. It was about as exciting as you'd expect and went on longer than expected as well. I'm glad they don't have them very often.

Also, I've finished with the glad wrap and what a relief that is - I was starting to get a rash from the lack of air to the rest of my skin and the whole thing was itchy because of the healing. I suspect it'll heal quite fast now, and it's looking as though I'll get the result I was going for. Photos when it's finished.

Random question: what is it with trains around the bottom of Christmas trees?
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