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OK so this has been doing the rounds on Twitter: "Mum, I need your help". It's a site dedicated to convincing your Mum to vote for a particular set of values.

As a Mum, I find it insulting as hell.

"All I dream about is what your generation had -" thus follows a list of things 'my generation' did not actually have.

Then follows a bunch of information about various issues. I know they only have a small space, I know it's oversimplified, and it's obviously designed to tug some heartstrings and play to compassion. I have no problem with that. But..

"I know you think of me already, and I don’t want to be pushy, but this election we’re at a crossroads, we’re deciding on the long-term path from here."

"Oh gosh, nope, I had no idea that this election was so important, thank you child for enlightening my ignorance with your wisdom and telling me how things are. After all, I'm a Mum, how could I possibly know these things without being told by you?"


And of course my main question is, "Why Mums? What about Dads?" Well apparently, "Because, when we're searching for answers, it tends to be the wisdom and nurturing hearts of our mums that guides us."

Because I apparently have fucking nurturing heart, through virtue of having pushed something the size of a watermelon out my vagina. And while my wisdom guides 'us', I am not wise enough to decide who to vote for without my kid's photo being attached to some patronising website and sent to me.

I know the guy's heart's in the right place, but I just feel patronised, insulted and stereotyped. Am I overreacting or do others see this too?

By the way, I voted Green - based on my research and understanding of politics and policy in combination with my values. And I didn't need to be told to do it by anyone else, mmk?
Tags: don't stereotype me fuckers, especially with ones that make me dumb
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