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In which I get my head scanned and learn something from an Occupier

Dear weather,

You suck. Also, please stop messing with me.

No love, Tats

I don't think I'll be shearing any sheep this afternoon. I doubt I'll be shearing any tomorrow either. I am kind of tired of this already because I have to act as if I'll be shearing right up until the last minute when the weather alters my plans. This includes going and getting my car from Brooklyn. At least today I have another car-related mission.

I got a letter a couple of weeks ago from Hutt hospital. You see, the MRI waiting list at Wellington is quite long, so they are outsourcing to the Hutt. Hutt had space for me within a couple of weeks.

US readers take note, this is how socialised healthcare works. This is all free to me and I'm being seen within a month for a non-urgent MRI. If it were urgent I'd be bumped up the list and seen immediately.

Anyway, so yeah. This afternoon I will remove my piercing for the first time since 2005, lest the MRI machine rips it from my skull and out through my left nostril or something. Then I will stick my head in a tube and try to remain completly still for about 20 minutes(?) while they MRI mah brainz. I am not sure how swallowing will affect the pic of my ear - I don't think I can go that long without doing it, you know?

I have Grouch's latest album which they will play for me while I try not to freak out due to, you know, having my head in a tube. I am hoping this music will be textured enough to distract me.

After that I was going to be shearing sheep but well.. *looks out window* Nah. Instead I will probably be at Fidels.

Okay, today's Occupy roundup goes like this:

Interesting piece by a war veteran on the use of force in Oakland.

David Graeber on playing by the rules - on the success of the Occupy movement.


The Economist on income inequality in the US.

Evidence of the weapons used by police in Oakland.

SFBay Guardian on how Occupy doesn't create social ills, it showcases them.

You see, people are talking about it. We are achieving something here and it's worth sticking with.

And closer to home, the result of discussion with the council in Wellington is that the Occupiers will remove their tents from Ilott Green on Monday for the Halloween party (but not from the upper grass area). They will replace them afterwards. This is a compromise and I for one am glad that the council is still willing to cooperate and that our Occupiers have managed to maintain that good relationship through a couple of potentially difficult situations. Their view - "We don't want to be the grinch that stole Halloween." So instead, compromise and participate. Because we're citizens and that's what citizens do.

This weekend, the Occupy Wellington Community Education Initiative is running "Occupy Your Mind", a series of lectures and workshops on a variety of issues including the TPPA, economics and the environment, understanding money in the social network, and social justice and food. I'm told there will also be a workshop on creating and maintaining safe spaces. You should go down and have a look, you might learn something!

Yesterday I sat in on a workshop on group facilitation run by a young man named Scatty. Now I'm a trained facilitator and have participated in quite a few facilitation courses over the years. I have to say, Scatty's course was as useful as any of them - he covered the necessary things such as watching body language, ensuring voices are heard, recognising consensus and when it hasn't been reached, when to take control and when to sit back and listen, how to ensure a discussion stays within timeframe, what to do with issues that need further discussion in future, and seeking feedback. The only difference between his course and the ones my employers have paid a lot of money for is that his took an hour and we did it sitting cross legged on the ground in Civic Square using handouts scribbled in Vivid on cardboard.

Scatty is not trained. He's waiting for the fruit picking season to start so he can travel and work. He's fucking good at facilitation and he's busy teaching other people how to do it so that the Occupy democracy can work better.

These people are not useless bums. Please remember this and tell everyone you know.
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